Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer to Make the Ceremony Memorable

The biggest day of your life is finally here. This is the moment you have been waiting for – your dream come true.  Your wedding day is a memory that will be cherished by family and friends; it’s a wonderful story that you can tell to your children and grandchildren.

Helping you keep these precious memories intact is your wedding photographer. His services are priced a fortune for a reason! Out of all your wedding suppliers, your photographer holds the most crucial and most important role as photos last many lifetimes to tell your story – from the biggest smiles to the most minute details such as a picture of your rings.

To make sure that your wedding photographer gives you the best memory ever, here are questions you (the bride and the groom) should ask him before the big “I do”!

What are your photography style and forte?

Formal or candid? Portraits or sceneries? A wedding photographer who works best on outdoor views and landscapes won’t be the right one for you if you are planning your ceremony indoors. Like your future spouse, asking this question will make sure that you are the perfect match for each other. Do ask him for samples as well, so you can have an idea of the outcome that he can produce. If his work is not right up your alley, then continue your search for the right one.

Are you available on my wedding date?

Oh, heavens forbid that you both forget to ask each other this question! If your chosen photographer’s schedule conflicts with another wedding, he would most likely send an assistant instead to your wedding. Let’s not even get ourselves into a Bride Wars situation! If you are not okay with an assistant for your wedding, then clear this out to your photographer so he can make adjustments. Better yet, look for someone who’s available on your wedding date and who can you give you first-class service that you deserve.

Have you previously covered an event at my chosen venue?

A major plus for you if he has! Your photographer will know the best angles, the best location in the venue, and how to get the clearest and most memorable shot!

Will you bring assistants with you to help you out?

If you have a large venue and many guests, your photographer will most likely be bringing in assistants. This is to make sure that no memorable shot will be missed – and that all the guests will have their own share of memories, too! Be clear about this beforehand as bringing in assistants will also mean an additional to costs, headcount, and supplier’s meals on the day.

How much are your packages and what is included?

You may have requests that are not included in the package deal of the photographer, so lay all this out on the table so that you both are on the same ground. Or there may be package inclusions that you do not wish to avail of to lower the costs or that you wish to be changed or modified. For example, will there be a free album? Are you a more tech-savvy bride who prefers photos on a USB or CD than on an album? Let your photographer know your preferences.

How long have you been in the industry?

Most brides will likely prefer an experienced photographer as you feel that this big event of your life – which happens only once in your lifetime (if you’re lucky!) – is not the right time to take chances on new and inexperienced photographers. Do keep in mind however that “veteran” photographers will obviously cost more. If you are on a budget and don’t mind putting your trust on a newbie, then this wouldn’t be a problem for you.

What will our wedding day schedule be like?

Will we take portraits before the ceremony? Or after? Will we take photos in another venue? Or will we do it in the same place where we get ready? Will there be portraits taken before and during the reception?

Be sure to coordinate all these with your planner as well. For example, if you request for photos in your reception hall before the reception, your planner should know all the details so that your guests will be taken care of while you do your portrait session.

Are you a classic black and white photographer? Or do you go mostly with colored printouts?

This will matter because if you are not fond of black and white photos, you should inform your photographer ahead of time to focus more on taking colored shots. Remember, color changes the outcome and the mood of photos.

Do you have a contract?

A contract should always be your most important question! Do not engage in a photographer’s services without a contract!

Let these questions serve as a guide for you as you head out to meet with your photographer. As you progress, do not be afraid to ask more questions. Don’t forget to just enjoy the process and the best day of your life. This will show in the photos.

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