Pulling Off The Perfect Holiday Proposal

Black Friday is days away…and for buyers this means deals and fantastic prices. While many might be afraid to traipse to the mall or to brick-and-mortar stores, the day that ushers in the holiday season also is the opportune time to snag online deals. And no gift is more ideal, more picture-perfect for the holidays than an engagement ring.

December is the most popular month for engagements, which should surprise no one given the numerous celebratory holidays smashed into the month. Hanukah, Christmas Eve (and Day), Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve all hold symbolic significance and create a festive setting for dropping on bended knee. However, holiday proposals can be a tricky feat. You don’t want to get too cheesy by taking too many holiday details into the proposal…but a few holiday touches can be romantic.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when preparing the perfect engagement around the holidays:

1.     Know your budget.

Before you even begin shopping for that perfect engagement ring, you need to have a budget in mind. Never spend more than you can afford, because there is nothing romantic about going into debt over a diamond. Take into account how much you want to invest in the actual proposal, too. If you’re looking at a carriage ride proposal through the snow (or a park), start researching costs.

2.     Have the camera ready.

An engagement is a monumental milestone, and you’ll want to take pictures. Think about who can snap your photo on the big day. If you’re stealthy, you can plan to have a professional photographer on hand to take pictures of the proposal. Of course, you have to post engagement ring selfies to show off the new ring!

3.     Mix in the holiday.

A holiday proposal can quietly mix in the actual holiday. The key, though, is not to go overboard. Dressing as Santa reads cheesy, but proposing amid a Christmas light display may be festively charming. You also may propose as the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. Integrate the holidays, but don’t make the proposal all about the holiday!

4.     Take it public or propose privately?

Some individuals hate the spotlight. If you’re proposing to an introvert, he or she might not like all the attention of a public proposal. An extrovert, however, might revel in the spotlight. Take your loved one’s personality into consideration when planning your proposal.

5.     Know your return policy.

Ideally, you should have an idea about what style of engagement ring your future spouse would love. However, if your future spouse wants to make upgrades to the ring, if you decided to buy the ring online, or want to choose a different center stone, it’s important to review the return policy of the jeweler before you leave with that ring…or click buy.

Holiday proposals can be festive, fun and romantic, and as Black Friday deals near, it is the ideal time to think about purchasing an engagement ring. For more tips about how to make your holiday engagement extra special, check out the infographic.




Written by a member of The Select Bride Team

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