Planning Your Big Day: Little Details That Make A Massive Impact

Planning your big day is undeniably exciting, although, with so many things to consider, so many brides-to-be feel overwhelmed by the chaos and stress while chasing the perfect wedding event. While there are several ways to minimize the chaos and dramatically reduce the stress of things, there are specific little details that you should focus on.

You may have already picked out the perfectly fitted glamorous dress and selected an iconic venue to tie the knot. Still, the following small details will make a massive impact on the overall experience for you, the guests and your partner.

The Photography

Every bride-to-be hopes to take home the most stunning selection of wedding photos and while looking photogenic on your big day will require the merging of various aspects, your choice of the photographer will determine the outcome of your wedding shoot. While you can uncover factors of aesthetics in photography, you should always evaluate photographer portfolios before settling on a professional. Portfolio work will showcase the photographers best creations, and you will then be able to request the desired elements you are after in your photos.

Reception Lighting Choice

Wedding receptions are where most of the memories are made, which is why the general setting is so important. However, it won’t matter much how breathtaking your choice of flower arrangements are if the lighting is not quite right. Therefore, once you have determined the reception theme and incorporated all your favourite ideas, you should focus on the lighting. Opting for warm uplighting chandeliers or romantic rope lighting are both popular options. Regardless of the current trends, it is essential to be sure that your wedding reception showcases suitable lighting for your big day.

Guest Itineraries

If you are planning a small intimate wedding, guest itineraries won’t be necessary at all. However, if your big day will be experienced in a resort or beach setting, your guests will appreciate knowing how the day will transpire. Instead of assuming your guests will be on par with the flow of the day, you should have guest itineraries created that list main details and break down the day for a blissful experience.

The Seating Arrangement

The seating arrangement for your big day will have a massive impact on the experience your guests get. Therefore, you should take extra time to place each guest around other guests they will get along with. It won’t be a great idea to let your guests decide where they will sit as this can confuse and ultimately, chaos. Getting the seating arrangement right means that all your guests will be comfortable and at ease with their evening.

Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are small gifts of appreciation received by guests attending your special day. While some couples opt for favours of chocolate treats or other edible gifts, it is a better idea to add some thought to the idea. Making your wedding favours unique will have a massive impact on your guests as they will have an item to keep for a lifetime to recall the beautiful union of you and your partner.

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