Planning a Tipi Wedding? Here Are Some Tips.

Planning for the big day is no easy task, with dozens of different tasks to consider. Location, the number of guests, entertainment for the day and night time, official photography, transport, accommodation, and what will the wedding party wear. The list seems endless and they all seem as equally important as the other, after all, we all want the day to go off without a hitch.

Everything must be planned perfectly, this is where many people like to have outside help in the form of a wedding planner. It is just too much for most people to cope with, a wedding planner specializes in making the day just right. With a dedicated team and extensive contacts, they can help coordinate catering, the guest list, and even luxury tipi hire or stately homes to host the wedding. It has become fashionable to host outdoor weddings, especially in tipis. Here are some tips and things to consider when hosting a tipi style wedding.

Choosing The Perfect Venue For Your Wedding 

Searching for a venue can be a little daunting, you have to consider cost first, and also is the location convenient for the guests? If you have decided not to use a wedding planner and are going ahead with an outdoor tipi style wedding, the provider of the tipi will have some good suggestions based on previous experience. But if you have somewhere else in mind there are things you may not have thought of, such as:

  • If you have a friend with a large piece of land, a farm, for example, you need to think about, electricity access, bathroom facilities, freshwater supply, and access for vehicles.  
  • Is there any accommodation close by for guests and if so will it have enough rooms for potentially dozens of guests.
  • If the accommodation is available will the hotel provide transport to and from the wedding? Or will you have to pay for it? We all know most people will have drunk too much to drive.

Often the best solution is the hotel grounds itself, many hotels offer great packages for outdoor weddings. They can usually provide catering, accommodation, and should the weather turn an alternative room indoors to continue with the celebrations.

Choosing The Number of Guests is Very Important 

It may seem obvious but this is where many people make a big mistake. It is not just about making sure that you haven’t forgotten somebody who may be offended by not receiving an invitation. You have to consider not only the catering and potential for accommodation but the venue, if you have hired a tipi for your wedding they are just like any other space and everybody needs to be seated comfortably and out of the elements. Consult with the tipi provider about the number of guests and also what style of meal you will be providing, is it a buffet or a table service wedding?

The dance floor and bar arrangements can take up a lot of space, it is usually best to ask for advice if you don’t have a wedding planner.

Don’t Let The Weather Put You Off a Tipi Wedding 

Of all the things that you can influence the weather is not one of them. Tipi wedding venues are fully equipped to deal with almost any weather condition mother nature can throw at it. Whether you prefer a summer wedding or a winter wedding tipis are designed for both. During the summer months, tipis have large open sides that act as natural air conditioning allowing the breeze to pass through. If you are still concerned fans and cooling units can be attached to the structure of the tipi to add some extra cool air. 

Winter weddings work quite the opposite, heating units are brought in, and the central area of the tipi an open fire pit can blaze safely away with the smoke drifting upwards and out through the central gap in the roof. It is a good idea to provide umbrellas near the entrance for guests to use when going to the outside bathrooms provided. 

Is it Necessary to Hire a Wedding Planner?

Ask friends or family who have had weddings both with a wedding planner and without and make an informed decision. Also, think back to previous weddings you have been to and whether or not they organized the wedding or used the services of a wedding planner. Planning your own wedding can be both exciting and terrifying, but with help from family and friends, it can be all the more enjoyable.


Weddings are always special occasions for everybody concerned, but having your wedding in a tipi can add to the atmosphere and overall occasion. Being able to choose the theme and decor plus a beautiful location will definitely add to the special day and the memories of everybody who attends.

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