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Wedding Photographer Spain
Hort Sant Patrici, Ferreries, Menorca
Andreu Doz Wedding Photography

The wedding took place in Menorca. It was a very small and intimate wedding, only 13 guests. For dinner, everyone sat at the same table and a couple of meters behind the bride and groom I saw a curtain of lights. I thought that with a very wide aperture, a fix lens and something close to the camera these lights would blur and it would be a very nice bokeh effect. I picked my canon 50mm 1.8 from my bag and I waited for the right moment and when they did the toast – one of the guests rose her glass and that was the moment I was waiting for. I waited for something to happen with those lights at the back, but I wasn´t sure what would come out of it. I did not stage the photo, but at the end the photo has a very nice composition with the wine glass in the center and each of the couple with their mother at the back.

Those lights, a few candles and two more bulbs were everything we had as a source of light. Also the marquee was green and each source of light had a different temperature. It was difficult to work with the colors during this dinner, but at the end with high ISO and big apertures I was able to do the job.

I knew that if an object or a person was close to my lens, the lights at the back will blur into dots of light and it would probably be a cool effect. The curtain of lights was only on one of the sides, the one behind bride and groom, so this had to be my position, me facing the light.

I just needed an object to fulfill the frame and to be the subject of my photograph. The glass of wine was the perfect object and the way people were seated, 4 people on each side, made the balance of the photo perfect. The fact that the bride and groom are there sitting with their mothers is the final touch.

I have always been a Canon man. For this photo I used a Canon 5D Mark III

Exposure: 1/200 sec at f/2.0 – ISO 1600 Canon 5D Mark III EF50mm f/1.8 STM

Lightroom for postproduction

I normally use the light meter that the camera has a reference and then I adjust aperture, speed and ISO depending on what I want. I this case, the light meter is not very useful, as the camera doesn’t know what object you want to photograph and there are different light sources. Before I took the photo, I did more photos of the dinner, trying different lenses and playing around with the light. So I know the parameters I needed to use before I did the shot

I always use Adobe Lightroom. With this software I change the temperature, exposure, highlight and all the basic setting. I have a couple of presets that I created on my own and I normally apply them to my photographs. Afterwards, I work every photo individually once the preset it has been applied.

In this particular case, I did not do much more than the basic color and light correction. No blur or unsharpness filter has been applied in this photo.

Since the first time I saw the photo in my computer I was very please with it. Maybe the pose of the bride and groom could be different and make it more obvious that it´s them. But I like it this, because you can tell that it´s not staged. I like to capture wedding in a very natural and honest way and I do not stage many photographs. In my opinion, the composition could be perfect but then it will lose the spontaneity of it, and the doubt that can create to the viewer.

I was very happy with it from the beginning, also because it´s not the “typical” photo from a wedding that everyone expects.

I did not talk to the couple about this specific shot, but they were very happy with the whole reportage.

It´s a very small hotel just outside Ferreries. The place is right in the middle of the island, surrounded by mountains and vineyards.

Everything happened in this location. The couple booked the entire hotel for the 13 guests they had. The groom was from England and she was from Spain, even though they both live in the UK.

They once went on holidays to Menorca, and they stayed in this same hotel. During their stay, they saw a local wedding taking place and they thought that it would be an amazing place for their wedding if they ever get married. So when they decided to get married, they already knew where.

Because everything happened at the same venue, it was a very pleasant day. Everyone went to the beach in the morning and we arrived after they had lunch. We were there from the very beginning, taking photos of the make-up and preparation all the way through the end.

After the first dance they had fireworks, and then party!

The bride and groom emailed everyone before the wedding asking for 3 songs that they would like to dance at their wedding. So with everyone´s requests they created a music list and they played the songs during the party. I thought it was a very nice idea, because you had people from different ages and countries which helped to create a nice Mixtape!

Wedding Photographer Spain

The Select Bride’s Thoughts

A simply fantastic image. We love Andreu’s choice to focus on the glass. A classic.

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