Photo And Video Ideas For Your Ideal Wedding

Photos and videos from your wedding celebration are the best memory of this wonderful day because they reflect the most exciting, nice, and sentimental moments.

Wedding preparations are a very troublesome thing but essential. It’s important to choose a wedding dress, suit, banquet hall, as well as to think over a photoshoot or a script for a wedding video. It’s important to find a good photographer and videographer who will take great pictures and a wedding video for you. If the photo and video editing will be done by you, then you should also choose appropriate photo and video editing software.

Certainly, someone prefers not to use the services of a wedding photographer or cameraman, considering them a waste of money. It’s up to you. But we urge you not to miss the opportunity to capture this day with a professional camera. In this article, we are going to show you some wedding photography shots and videography ideas. Let’s go!

Wedding Photo Ideas

Perhaps every couple wants their wedding photos to be different from everyone else. However, the newlyweds often have a poor idea of ​​how to diversify their wedding photos. Here are some ideas on how to stand out with your shots from others while maintaining all the beauty and romance of the celebration.


The pets that have been with you all this time will brighten your wedding photos. These shots come out very moving and warm. If you haven’t got such a friend yet, then there is a solution. The choice is truly limitless. Some couples prefer exotic things. The presence of rare and unusual animals (raccoons, snakes, llamas, etc.) or birds makes the wedding photoset really original.


Not only is it an interesting idea for the wedding photoshoot, but it’s also an original solution for celebrating the wedding itself. Instead of a stuffy banquet hall, you can organize the event in the fresh air. Why not? The only thing to consider is where to shelter from the rain in case of bad weather. However, the bride and groom will be provided with interesting photographs in any case.


Candles, bulbs, and light constructions will create an atmosphere of romance, mystery, and comfort for you. Night and evening photos with many lights shining in the dark look especially attractive. A unique solution is a luminous bridal bouquet! Just don’t forget to consult with the photographer on how to organize such a shoot in the best way. This idea requires careful preparation. Add some retouch and get great shots.


Cityscapes will come to the rescue if you are not going to leave the place. The architecture of the metropolis will be the perfect backdrop for a modern wedding. Another urban solution is to use large graffiti drawings as a background. Such photos look very original if the drawing is beautiful and fits well with the wedding idea.


In any place, there is scenery created by nature itself without any retouch. Rocks, mountains, waterfalls, forests, fields, rivers, lakes — absolutely free, you just need to find them. Photos taken against the background of natural beauty are always breathtaking — they are so beautiful! And the best shots are taken at sunset.


If you have the opportunity to have your wedding photo session near any reservoir, you should definitely take some shots near the mirror surface. The water will make your photos especially touching. If the photoset takes place on the seaside, then the rocks, mountains, and waves will prepare a wonderful background for you.


Photos with a banal limousine don’t impress anyone anymore. For a photoset with a car to be original, you need a unique vehicle and interesting angles.


A bicycle wedding is already considered a fashionable wedding trend. To have an original and atypical photoshoot, you don’t even have to look for incredibly beautiful places and gorgeous decorations, add a bunch of effects and retouch in photo editing software. Great photos can be taken on a regular bike, which you can decorate with flowers and ribbons.


A good photographer will ask the newlyweds about their interests, hobbies, and preferences before the photoset. You can use everything as props and accessories:bicycles, rollers, paints, dances, and so on. Newlyweds in traditional wedding outfits, standing on roller skates, or playing football — bright and non-trivial.

There are tons of photo ideas for your wedding photoshoot. The wedding photography style doesn’t have to be the same as your wedding style itself. Pay close attention to choosing a photographer as well. The most expensive one isn’t always the best one. If you have the desire and the opportunity, you can save some money – request the originals from the photographer and edit the photos yourself with some good photo editing software.

Wedding Video Ideas

Many people think that wedding photos are enough for them, and videos can be shot on a smartphone camera.Well, they are not wrong. But it will be very, very problematic without a good idea, camera, concept, and video editing software. Let’s see what wedding video ideas are.

Film or clip

Some newlyweds prefer a full-length wedding video. This is a classic film, where all the celebration highlights must be present. These moments include the bride and groom getting ready, the ceremony, the walk, the first dance, etc. The length of such a video is about 30-40 minutes.

Others, on the contrary, prefer a wedding clip. This is a short video (2-5 minutes) with musical accompaniment, which shows the most vivid and memorable moments of the wedding.


This is a love story accompanied by footage from the wedding. An interview can be a standalone wedding video, or it can be inserted into other types of videos. For instance, at the beginning of a full-length film, the bride and groom might talk about how they started dating. The interview may also include guest stories about the couple.


One of the most popular trends is a wedding musical. Such clips include dances and singing to the chosen song. When filming, everyone is having fun and enjoying the process, showing their talents and emotions. After adding music to a video, the result is a high-quality, original, and funny clip.

Wedding morning

This is a short video where all the main stages of getting ready are shown to beautiful music. The video may include the following scenario: separate videos about the groom’s and the bride’s preparations, and in the end — their meeting.


This is a preview of a full-length wedding film, created as a film trailer, but instead of the actors’ names — the names of the newlyweds.

Original plot

A clip with an original plot is suitable for extraordinary couples. The scenario for it can be completely unusual, hilarious, or strange. It can be a funny story, how the groom is late for the wedding ceremony after a bachelor party, or vice versa — the bride after a hen-party. In general, such a scenario is only limited by your imagination.


If you follow trends and have a sense of humor, then you can shoot a stylish clip based on an Internet trend. For instance, Gangnam Style wedding videos were very popular at one time.

DIY wedding video

Your wedding video can be as a news report or a documentary. Ask your friends to shoot what is happening on their smartphones from the scene, and then you just need to edit a short video in online wedding video editing software or use Loopster for this purpose. Remember that these services require a good internet connection.

If you decide to make a wedding video longer than 2-3 minutes, then the best option is to install a program on your PC and edit the video with this software.

Photos and videos play an important role, that’s why we always urge you to choose a service contractor carefully and mindfully. Because this person will be responsible for your memories. For everything to go smoothly, you should plan your wedding well and prepare thoroughly. Put in a little effort, and then this day will truly be the most ideal and best day of your life!

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