Mr & Mrs Ho By Uppermost Wedding Photography

Our wedding took place in Villa Latitude in Bali, Indonesia. It’s a Very beautiful villa which consists on five separate villas. The ceremony itself was on the Cliff and this too had breathtaking views and scenery.

We hired Tito & Sigit. Their wedding photography business is called ‘The Uppermost’ and they were without a doubt great people and fantastic wedding photographers. When we saw their work we knew we wanted them for our wedding day and as soon as we spoke to them we made our decision. They started capturing the day with the preparations of me and my husband. The way they captured our day was just perfect. The didn’t ask me to do any crazy poses, they did not disturb us at all, they were quite invisible for most of the day. When we sat the final results, I was amazed. I thought to myself when did they take these pictures because I was never really aware of them doing it.

This picture, I am sure, is what happens to most brides on their day. Putting the dress on 🙂 My friends, as you can see, are struggling to to zip my wedding dress up. I am attempting to breathe in whilst laughing at the same time which isn’t helping. It was just one of the many brilliant moments Tito & Sigit captured on the day.

There was a mixture of emotions on the wedding day but only positive ones. I was nervous before the ceremony and then when I was walking down the aisle I was crying. I was feeling sooooo happy!
Lots of excitement, happy tears, joy and happiness. That’s pretty much our whole Wedding day.

The favorite part of the wedding day was The part the priest said : ‘I now announce you husband and wife’ followed by first kiss. In that moment I felt like I was waiting all my life for this to happen. We are husband and wife with the man I love more than anything.

Bride + Groom : Mr + Mrs Ho
Wedding Ceremony : Villa Latitude
Wedding Venue : Villa Latitude
Location: Indonesia
Uppermost Wedding Photography

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