4 Easy Steps to a Momentous Modest Wedding

Wedding Photographer Spain, Vïctor Lax
Wedding Photographer Spain, Vïctor Lax

Exchanging your vows in front of your nearest and dearest is a truly momentous occasion, but when it comes to tying the knot, the extravagant, fairytale wedding isn’t to every bride and groom’s taste – or budget.

In today’s post, our friends over at AbayaButh, are here to share a number of ways that brides can ensure their wedding is unique and unforgettable, while still remaining modest and understated at all times.

1. Dress to impress for less

With wedding dresses costing anything from a few hundred pounds well into the thousands, finding your dream dress can be a challenge – especially if you have expensive taste and a limited budget. However, as one of the most memorable days of your life, it’s important you feel your absolute best with a dress that you love, so it can pay to think outside the box when hunting for your bridal gown.

Whether you want vintage bridal fashion or the latest designer style, you can cut the cost of buying your wedding dress in a number of ways. From buying second-hand or renting a dress to customising an affordable dress with your own personal embellishments, finding the wedding outfit of your dreams doesn’t have to be a big expense. You can even design your own gown and have it made, as a more cost-effective alternative. Of course, if you’re not able or willing to compromise on your dream wedding dress, then consider making savings in other areas of the wedding to help cover the cost of the style you want.

2. Seek out the right venue

A key part of planning any wedding is finding the perfect venue to host the celebrations, and depending on your taste and location, the prices vary. One way you can significantly reduce the venue outlay is to get married out of season or on a weekday, affording you the magical venue you’ve always imagined at a lower rate.

If you’re not afraid of pulling a wedding off in a short space of time, you could also enquire about last minute cancellations that are often heavily discounted. However, with any venue, be mindful of additional charges and stipulations the venue may insist upon, like using their suppliers or corkage.

Alternatively, opt for hosting your wedding reception in an unconventional venue like a barn, library or a marquee . With the likeliness of lower rental charges and the chance to source your own suppliers for things like catering and entertainment, you can minimise the expense, and have even more opportunity to personalise your special day.

Wedding Photographer Netherlands, Corrine Ponsen
Wedding Photographer Netherlands, Corrine Ponsen

3. Get creative with catering

Following on from your venue choice, getting creative with your catering can also be a great way to put your own stamp on the proceedings, as well as helping you keep within budget. Opting out of venue suppliers for food and drink can dramatically lower the expense of your wedding, and also offers the chance to draw up your own wedding breakfast menu for your guests to enjoy tucking into.

Whether you choose a quirky food truck for a rustic affair, bulk buy beverages or call in favours with friends for a budget-friendly wedding cake, don’t underestimate the costs associated with wedding catering and the difference a little research and creativity can make in delivering a fabulous feast to celebrate you exchanging your vows.

4. Get crafty with DIY decor

Ensuring your venue looks the part on the big day is incredibly important and for many brides-to-be it not only needs to look fabulous, it also needs to reflect the couple’s own personality and style too. And what better way to do this and make savings than investing some time in DIY decor ideas? While not everyone will be gifted with amazing craft skills, there are other ways you can dress your venue with panache without breaking the bank.

From swathes of fairy lights throughout the room to rented centrepieces and handmade place names and favours, the possibilities are endless for decorating the venue yourself. With one-of-a-kind decor concepts, your wedding is sure to be momentous and modest. 

Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking and ensuring you stay on track with your budget allowances can be tricky, but that doesn’t mean your wedding day can’t still be special and magical. We hope, with these ideas, you’ll be one step closer to planning a one-off wedding that’s understated, yet unforgettable for you and your guests.

Abi Proud is a content creator for AbayaButh – retailers of abayas, hijabs and a range of modest Islamic clothing for women.

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