Retail Vs Online – The Pros and Cons of Buying Men’s Wedding Bands

Wedding Photographer Romania, George Stan.
Wedding Photographer Romania, George Stan

Buying wedding jewellery, even something that looks as simple as men’s wedding bands can prove to be surprisingly complex due to the large number of factors that you need to take into account for a wise buy. When you add to that, the matter of whether you should buy at a brick & mortar retail outlet or online, the situation can assume overwhelming proportions. Here is a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of each channel.

Top Reasons Why Should Buy at a Retail Store

The best reason for buying a wedding band at a retail jewellery store is that you are not buying blind just on the basis of photos and descriptions. You get to actually try on a number of rings before deciding. You also get to chat with an informed salesperson and he will be able to guide you in making the best possible buy. When you buy from a retail store, you actually get to walk out with the ring of your choice instead of having to wait for it to be delivered from some unknown place.

Why Buying Retail May Not Make Sense?

Most salespersons at the retail counters are unfortunately not jewellery experts at all but merely focused on selling, so there’s every chance you will end buying wrong if you follow their advice blindly. Retail stores have to deal with a lot of overheads; rentals, electricity, staff, a larger inventory etc. that are responsible for pushing costs up. There is absolutely no guarantee that what you buy over the counter is actually good even if you go to the more reputed stores.

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Why Is Online the Way to Go?

Buying online is attractive because nowhere else do you get to see such a large collection of wedding bands and rings. Not only is it far easier to compare and contrast the items but also you can do it at your own convenience without getting pushed around by aggressive salespersons. The prices, as you will discover, tend to be lower than at the high street retailer as the overheads are considerably lower. Visit for exquisite wedding rings at the rock-bottom prices.


What to Be Cautious About When Buying Online?

The biggest disadvantage of online shopping is that you are buying blind without getting the opportunity of actually touching, feeling, and trying them on for size as well as appearance. You need to appreciate that the Internet is unregulated and apart from the reputation of online merchants, there’s no guarantee about the quality and worth of anything that you buy. It is very easy to make an expensive blunder if you are not knowledgeable or have access to someone who is.

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Looking at an overall picture, it may actually be a good idea to leverage the best of both the channels. You can do your research online and then go ahead with the purchase at a retail store armed with that knowledge or alternatively, find out what looks good on you at a retailer, and then shop around across various online stores for the best price.


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