Maintaining A Fitness Routine On A Honeymoon

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A honeymoon is a time when you and your spouse can finally stop stressing about the wedding. No more planning, organizing and making sure everybody is happy. And there’s one more thing the two of you (especially the bride) have been doing for months – exercising in order to look great for your special day. And now that all the fuss is done, you stop and ask yourselves: Do I really want to let go of my working routine and give up on so much that I have achieved?

To work out or not to work out?

Many newly-weds go crazy on their honeymoon. After weeks of depriving themselves of sweets and unhealthy food, they lose control and spend the honeymoon eating whatever they want all day. Even though it seems ideal, the fact is that they will have to sober up once they get back home. The moment they try to continue with their fitness routine, they will realize they have fallen off the wagon. And everything will be ten times harder.

The reasons for both working out and not working out on your honeymoon are understandable. On one hand, you are probably tired of all the wedding fuss and you just want to calm down, relax and decompress, doing nothing (well, not really nothing, if you catch my drift). On the other hand, you want to look great in your honeymoon photos and make your return to regular exercise easier, right?

The advantage of exercising on your honeymoon means your physical appearance won’t change. It’s possible to get up earlier in the morning before your spouse and do your workout routine. That way, your spouse won’t get mad about you not going on an adventure together and choosing the gym instead. The workout can be shorter than usual, but still effective. Alternatively, you can opt for a lighter diet on the honeymoon.

In general, working out on your honeymoon is not impossible to accomplish. A couple of tips will fit the workout perfectly into your honeymoon schedule.

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Diet tips that will keep the number of calories in check

First of all, your honeymoon will be all about going too far when it comes to food and drink. There is no workout in this world that will prevent you from putting on some weight if you don’t control your cravings.

The first thing to do is to forget about the mini bar. If you bring healthy snacks with you on your honeymoon, the lesser are the chances you will open the mini bar. Healthy snacks are great as a late night snack in the room or on the beach if you feel like eating something.

Another trick is to drink black coffee. Instead of coffee with sugar or coffee with cream, choose black coffee. It will save you a couple of calories, which could mean a lot. If you switch to black coffee permanently, it will save you 75,000 calories a year – just a thought!

Next, make your cocktails with fewer calories than usual. Simple cocktails with vodka, water and a lot of squeezed limes with just a bit of coconut water will do the trick. It is delicious, and yet it’s a skinny cocktail!

Lastly, allow yourself only one treat a day. It’s still your honeymoon, right? It can be ice cream, a bit of chocolate or whatever you enjoy. After all those months of planning and stressing about the wedding, you deserve it. Just make sure you stick to that one treat.

Planning the routine is crucial

Maybe it sounds a bit too much after all the wedding planning. Still, you won’t do much if you leave your honeymoon workout to a chance. A workout plan before you arrive at your holiday destination will mean a lot. Otherwise, it’s possible that you will put on your sneakers in the morning, be on your way to the gym and then end up doing something completely different. That’s because you didn’t have a detailed workout plan for the honeymoon.

For example, you could plan to alternate between a circuit workout and sprint intervals. It will make easier for you to stick with a solid plan.

Your circuit workout should include jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, planks and knee highs. After you make a short water break, move on to tricep dips, sit-ups, and bridges. Take another water break and then finish with lunges on both sides, arm circles, crunchers and frog jumps. The number of repetitions of each of these exercises should depend on your current level of fitness.

As far as your sprint intervals are concerned, you can switch from 1-minute sprints to 1-minute walks at least for 20 minutes. It is a fast but effective way to stay in shape and to spend a lot of calories in a short period of time. Again, this form of exercise will, too, depend on your level of fitness.

Of course, there are some ways you can improve your fitness. A well-planned diet and supplements can go a long way. A lot of proteins, fibers, and minerals combined with creatine monohydrate or other supplements placed properly in a protein shaker bottle will definitely improve your athletic abilities and help you push your limits. Your body needs proper nutrients in order to perform better.

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What if you can’t really go to the gym or go sprinting?

Your honeymoon schedule maybe that way that you don’t really have the time to stick to your regular workout routine. Even if you can’t really focus on your sprinting or a circuit workout, it doesn’t mean you won’t be spending any calories. There are many ways to be active on holiday. What’s better, you can do these activities together, without having to be apart.

First of all, you can try swimming. It is an excellent all-round form of exercise that activates every part of your body. What’s even better, it is very gentle on your body, as there is minimal risk of injuries or any form of stress on the muscles and ligaments. While the two of you are enjoying yourselves in the hotel pool, you can do a mild breaststroke. You can also increase the intensity by doing twenty lengths. Swimming brings numerous mental benefits, so it is a form of therapy – exactly what you need on your honeymoon after a stressful period. So, all you need to do is to choose between gentle swimming that will put your mind at ease and energetic swimming style that will increase your heart rate, burn even more calories and keep your level of fitness.

Second physical activity perfect for spending calories without even noticing it is walking. You will definitely plan to do that on your honeymoon because you will want to go sightseeing, exploring the wilderness or simply enjoy the long walks along the beach. The most important thing here is to have comfortable shoes or sneakers. It’s not the same thing to do a quick visit to a store and to spend hours walking. Make sure your footwear is perfect for long walks. Otherwise, you won’t be seeing a lot or burning calories walking.

Next, why not go cycling on your honeymoon? Some couples make a mistake of renting a car on their holiday. This deprives you of so many great things you could see along the way. A car just takes you from your starting point to the destination in mind. A bike gives you the chance to admire every step of the way between the two points. And it maintains your level of fitness! So, find a place to hire bikes and let pedaling shapes your legs and gluteus and increase your heart level. Use bikes anywhere you go and you will give yourself a cheap, yet incredibly effective and healthy means of transport. Just don’t forget to wear comfortable footwear and a helmet. Safety before everything! You don’t want your honeymoon to turn into a disaster spend in a hospital room with a broken skull.

Surfing is another great way to feel adventurous, have a great time and burn a lot of calories. If you choose a honeymoon destination that’s also a paradise for surfers, then you should use that to your advantage. Even if you have never surfed before, it doesn’t mean you can’t hire a professional to teach you both. It would still mean you will be physically active, stretching your muscles and strengthening your body while still being together. It will be a unique experience where you’ll get a chance to learn something new. If you are an experienced surfer, even better – catch the early morning waves to start your day energized.

Kitesurfing is yet another amazing activity to do on your honeymoon. It will keep you entertained for hours and help you burn all those calories from cocktails and sweets. It is a skill that has to be learned but it means a lot for your whole body – keeping balance, using all your body strength and enjoying the open sea.

In case you want a unique honeymoon, then why not going skiing somewhere in the mountains? There are numerous mountain ranges all over the world waiting to be explored. Travel to another part of the world and experience idyllic landscapes of snow-covered mountain peaks. Skiing will take away most of your days but you won’t regret it for a minute. It is a perfect activity for beginners, intermediate-level skiers, and highly experienced skiers. No matter what level you are, this is a great way to have an active honeymoon where every calorie will be burnt on a ski slope. You will have the chance to ski together and take some great photos. When you feel like changing the routine, you could go for long walks through the forest, admiring the peaceful nature. You can treat yourself in the evening by having a relaxing spa or getting a massage. That way, you will prepare your bodies for the next active day on the slopes. If you enjoy the snow, this is definitely a destination to choose. It is a perfect combination of adventurous physical activity and mind-blowing peaceful landscapes for romantic evenings.

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The effects of regular exercise

We all know that a healthy diet and regular exercise do wonder for our health, both mental and physical. Workout maintains our weight, help us relieve stress and relax and make us look good in everything we wear. So, this is why you shouldn’t allow yourself to stop with the exercise during your honeymoon. Even those 10 days away can seriously damage your routine and make it so much harder to fall back into your old, effective routine. If we take into account that you will probably pay for an all-inclusive package, we can only guess how many calories you will be taking on a daily basis. Enjoying the cocktails and delicious food will have a negative effect on your fitness and weight. This is why your workout routine should not be neglected.

Keeping fit on your holiday doesn’t mean you will be lacking energy. On the contrary – regular exercise will keep you motivated and energized. It will prepare you for the day ahead, full of adventure, exploring and enjoyment. Exercise will also regulate your blood sugar level, preventing diabetes, and increase your bone density, protecting you from osteoporosis. Furthermore, it will increase HDL levels that lower risks of various health diseases. So, why would you want to give up all of those positive effects of working out on your honeymoon?

Final comment

As you can see, there is no need to choose between your regular workout and a pleasurable honeymoon. You can both enjoy various physical activities. If your spouse is not up for the challenge, there are ways you can do your workout routine on your own.

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