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I had a lot of time during prep so there was plenty of time to play around and try things which may or may not work out! There were lots of mirrors at the venue, the one I shot this image through had a large bevel, I shot this image in the corner, hence 3 reflections of Anna (the bride). I had an off camera flash set up just to the side of Anna, and when I came around to this mirror I realised the flash was perfectly placed from this angle, so I went back a couple of times when both hairdressers and make up artists were in the right place and fired a few – this was the one which worked out best in my opinion. I underexposed by a couple of stops to really bring the flash out and remove any background distractions.

It wasn’t a difficult shot the main problem was just working around the hairdressers really, usually when I set up an off camera flash the hairdresser/make up artist switches sides!  Sadly we lost a flash and trigger at this wedding so if anyone works there and finds it – give us a shout please!

I used the Canon 5D3 on a 35mm 1.4L lens, ISO was set at 250, aperture: 4.5 and the shutter at 1/200.  I metered the shot on the brides face but it didn’t matter too much as I was exposing for the highlights anyway.  I cropped the shot a little bit and dodged the make-up artist to give it a bit more context.

We knew Anna and Gary had high expectations and were really keen on photography, and they gave us a load of opportunities for great images. I think we’ve won about 6 awards for images from this wedding from a couple of different associations so I’d say Anna and Gary planned a pretty awesome event!

The Select Bride’s Thoughts
We saw this shot and it took us a few moments to figure out what was going on, it was a little puzzle and we liked that.  It’s interesting, captured beautifully and in an interesting way.  The black and white conversion is bold with strong blacks and strong whites.  At WPS we always want to know more about the images and now we do!

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