Learn How to Entertain Kids at a Wedding

Learn How to Entertain Kids at a Wedding

A wedding is a perfect opportunity to bring people together. Kids, adults, and the old gather to be entertained and have a good time. In most cases, when entertainment is being planned, kids are left out. The focus is put on adults and aged only. That is not fair. Kids who form a considerable percentage of attendants should also be put into consideration. The following are tips you may follow to make children attending your ceremony happy.

1.      Let the deejay play kids music

Why not try a wedding singer? Children love to jump up and down. That makes them easy to please with jumpy children’s music. Let them dance to satisfaction. Adults may also join in spicing things up. During this time, parents should dance with their kids to make the shy ones feel free.

2.      Kid games

Children are uniquely created. One minute they are crying and the other they are jumping up and down laughing. The wedding entertainment program should have a provision for kid games. There are many games for kids playable during weddings available online.

3.      Drama and plays

Kids love to see their fellow kids act and entertain them. They relate more to their peers. That is why you need kids to have to act or deliver a skit. The others will be entertained beyond doubt.

4.      Treat the kids

Children love small gifts. Sweets and chocolates are an easy way to impress kids. Your wedding must have ushers. These ushers may be the ones distributing these goodies to the young ones. They should be friendly and wearing a smiley face.

5.      Develop a theme with a kid’s tone

You may have one, two, or three tables for kids. Let the tables have shiny colors that will impress children. Also, you may put there painting colors, pens, and blank pages for painting.

The only disadvantage of doing this will be taking away their attention from the actual event. Kids are easily carried away by little things. Therefore, ensure there is an adult to supervise the kids’ actions. Otherwise, the kids will turn your event into their show.

6.      Hire a kid’s entertainer

Your emcee and DJ should have the kids in attendance in mind. This way, they will engage them and have them entertained. Having an emcee who is not passionate about kids will surely ruin the kids’ satisfaction.

7.      Separate kids from adults during meals

Children should queue separately from adults during mealtime. This way, kids will have time to bond with themselves and make friends. Having kids stay with their parents will restrict them from entertainment.

The Bottom Line

Kids are the easiest to entertain. Having a wedding entertainment plan with kids in mind is the first step. For things to go according to plan, the people in charge of entertainment should also be passionate about kids. Everyone will leave your wedding happy and satisfied. Allowing kids to play among themselves away from adults will make things easier.

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