Photo Of The Day: Kids Do The Funniest Things At Weddings

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Wedding Photographer Spain
Ca n’Alzina Igualada, Barcelona
Wedding Photographer Andreu Doz

This was an afternoon outdoor wedding. The guests had already arrived, but they were not yet seated. The adults was mingling and sipping their cold drinks in the shade. The flower girl was vivacious and curious. She would not stop looking around wanting to inspect every corner of the area. I spotted her immediately and knew I needed to keep an eye on her.

Before capturing this particular image, I took several photos of her and she did not seem to notice my presence.  She did not mind the camera and the attention I was giving her and she just continued doing her thing.

I knew I had an unforced playful photo opportunity at my fingertips so I kept a close eye on her.

Soon she moved to the wedding ceremony area and tried sitting on different chairs. Eventually, slightly bored with the repetitiveness of this action, she paused for a little while and nibbled on the back of the chair in front of her. For me, that was the moment!

I hope this image brings us adults closer to what a child must feel when participating in a wedding celebration: excitement and expectation mixed with weariness of the unfamiliar situation.

When photographing children, I usually find it most efficient to go down to their level.  In this case, doing so also contributed to the composition. Straight rows of identical chairs not only bring the sense of perspective but also introduce the repetitive pattern in the background. The chairs along with the girl´s flower crown provide enough information to put this image in the wedding context and keep it homogeneous at the same time.

Canon 5DS
Lens: EF135mm f/2L USM
ISO 100 1/640sec at f/3,5

Since I was shooting in the open space area I could use my zoom lens and move away as much as I needed. I wanted the flower girl to feel free and act naturally. When you intend to capture real emotions and natural reactions, keeping the distance and staying unspotted is the key.

Black and white version seemed right for this image. My main purpose was to bring out the girl´s expression and not distract from her in any way.

A lovely innocent shot putting us right in the world of children at a wedding.

Wedding Photographer Spain


Wedding Photography Select’s Thoughts.

Just like Andreu says. It’s a wonderful shot and a great story that takes us into the little world of wonderful children at a wedding.


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