How To Take Great Miami Photography Wedding Photos With Flare

How To Take Great Miami Photography Wedding Photos With Flare

When you have to handle a wedding for a client, it can be quite overwhelming and daunting at first glance. This is especially given you have a lot of elements to work with in order to make a moment shine across an entire lifetime. However, did you know you can actually use flare to make sure you add a bit of flair to this joyous occasion? You can actually use the power of effective lighting to generate flare that can emphasize and put to the spotlight extremely important elements of a wedding. This article will explain just how this works.

smiling bride on wedding dayIt may matter to look into current wedding statistics in order to get a better sense of how weddings work in the modern time. For instance, there were approximately 2.18-million weddings in the United States alone last 2017, with average wedding costs amounting to $25,760 in the same years as well. It was also said that a lot of people do want to get married out of love, especially for couples who feel like they’re a team and are willing to stick up for each other. Aside from that, there are other practical benefits – such as social security and healthcare reasons, although these tend to be minor reasons. Given the importance on how weddings are very intimate ceremonies, the need to make sure they remain extra special are essential for all couples.

Taking Wedding Photos: How To Manipulate Flare?

With the above taken into consideration, photography certainly plays a huge role in immortalizing the occasion for you. This is why wedding photographers approach their wedding clients with precision and flair. If you want some local experience to help, it may benefit you to reach out to other photography studios for technical advice. This is especially true if you’re having your wedding in certain areas of the world. If you’re in Miami, for instance, a Miami photography studio should be able to help you set up properly to take wedding photos that utilize flare. How does this work, though?beautiful bride and groom posing

  • Use the Sun with your subjects for a natural flare effect: If the Sun is in full view during the wedding, especially if it’s in an outside venue or in a venue with huge windows, this is the perfect opportunity to take interesting shots that emphasize emotions thanks to glare. Trying this out means using spot metering mode on your camera, and then exposing it accordingly afterwards. This means setting your camera to manual mode first, so your subjects don’t come off as silhouettes after taking your pictures. The Sun in turn will be producing beautiful flares of light.
  • Flash actually works as a flare light source: You can also use your camera’s flash in order to produce the glare you need for the flare you’re looking for. Use this correctly, and you can use flash in order to achieve a flare effect from “pretend” lighting. This can be tricky to achieve, given flash itself normally encompasses a huge area of the photograph. However, positioning it properly with subjects that are close enough can produce the right kinds of glare for you.
  • Use your camera’s aperture to your advantage: You might notice that when you observe flare in your photos, they actually take form of your aperture blades. As such, you can actually alter the impact of your flare through your aperture. If your lens is the more expensive kind, the much “smoother” your flare will become. Regardless of lens quality, opening the aperture to maximum will smoothen up the flare as there’s nothing to block the light.
  • Manipulate flare using your camera’s focus capabilities: Remember, if you shoot directly into the light source, your camera will likely have a harder time trying to find where to focus. You can actually take back control using manual focus, or using your focal lock, or even using narrow aperture. This at least allows you to focus on where you want without sacrificing your opportunities to use flare.
  • Angling can help position your glares better: If you want to create artistic flare, you need to have the light come off “across” the photo in question. This means good usage of lens flare actually depends on where the particular light source is. For instance, if the wedding occurs in the evening, try to have the lens flare come off the side of the flame for better illumination.
  • Try taking practice photos with similar subjects, objects, and backgrounds: If you know where the venue of the wedding will be, or if you know a similar venue, you can also try practicing your shots there. You can at least gather some of your friends or ask bystanders to help you get shots that might work on the actual wedding day. This can comprise your shot list, or the catalogue of shots you want to take in order to successfully implement your wedding photography strategy. This is also crucial, as flares can only appear when light hits subjects on certain points. If the sun is your target source of light, it’s only going to be there for a couple of hours.
  • Tread carefully when it comes to using lens flare post production: If you plan on including flare post production, be careful on how you modify lens flare into the photograph. While inserting lens flare is easy through software like Photoshop, executing this naturally can be tricky. If you can, you can actually first practice with a few trial shots to see if you can get the kind of effect you’re looking for. Likewise, you can also just use built-in lens flare to make slight adjustments to existing flares in your shots.

The Bottomline: Spice Up Weddings By Taking Photos With Flare

Handling a wedding can be quite the daunting task for a photographer. After all, this will be the one time you can immortalize a joyous occasion for a couple, so you’ve got to utilize everything you can in order to make this moment special. Interestingly, with the above taken into consideration, you can actually utilize flare in order to make more moments shine for your couple throughout their wedding day. Special lighting techniques can emphasize certain elements in both the environment and in your subjects to make sure everything checks out. Be sure to recheck just how some of the above tips work for your benefit, so you can apply them to your photography plans.

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