How To Pick A Theme For Your Wedding

In recent years, choosing a theme for your wedding has become a popular part of wedding planning. From specific and unique themes to themes related to seasons, holidays and time periods, there’s so much to decide on if you want a theme for your special day.

Some examples of popular wedding themes include the following:

  • Fairytale
  • Christmas
  • Vintage (a popular one is 1950’s weddings!)
  • Rustic
  • Romantic
  • TV/Film topics (for example, a Harry Potter themed wedding)
  • Beach
  • Alternative
  • Festival
  • Tropical
  • Nautical

Making sure the theme is personal to you

Your wedding is all about you and your partner, which is why the first thing that you want to think about when deciding on a wedding theme is yourselves.

  • What do you and your partner enjoy?
  • Is there anything in particular you bonded over when you first met?
  • Are you particularly quirky?
  • Do you have interesting jobs or maybe share a previous job that’s special to you both?

Take some time to answer these questions about yourselves and see where this leads you. If you met at Glastonbury festival and bonded over a love of music, a festival themed wedding might work for you!

Taking into consideration the date of the wedding

The actual date of your wedding is also important to consider when it comes to deciding on a theme. While it doesn’t necessarily determine exactly what you choose, it can help you come up with some ideas that you could later decide on.

For example, if your wedding is in winter and near Christmas time, a Christmas themed wedding would be ideal. Similarly, if your wedding is in Summer, a beach or tropical themed wedding is perfect.

Where is your wedding located?

Your wedding venue plays a big role in your day, and can really help elevate your theme.

Whether you’ve picked your venue yet or not, it’s important to think about what it’s like. A big glitz and glam wedding is the perfect theme for large and extravagant venues, while a rustic wedding theme is ideal for smaller venues or micro weddings with fewer guests.

Working with your budget

Maybe the most important thing to think about when it comes to deciding on your wedding theme is your budget. Depending on the theme you choose, it can be more expensive to plan a particular theme than it is if you’re planning a wedding without a theme.

For example, you have to think of any extras that you might be including. If you’re going with the festival theme mentioned earlier, you might want to include special festival elements like a big tent or food trucks. All of these adds up money-wise, however if you have the budget to play with, it’ll all be worth it on the day.

There’s no point in planning anything if you haven’t made sure you can comfortably afford to first, so it’s always best to work off of your decided budget throughout the whole process.

Do some research

There’s nothing wrong with scrolling through Pinterest and other internet pages for inspiration! There’s plenty of sites, accounts and Pinterest boards dedicated solely to wedding theme inspiration, so it’s always a good idea to take it all in and see how you can re-create certain elements to suit your wedding day.

What works well? Is there anything that you think looks a bit too much or maybe not enough? How could you re-use specific elements? What can you change or personalise so that it’s special to you and your partner?

Always trust your instincts

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what makes you and your partner feel comfortable and happy on your special day.

If you like how something looks but it just doesn’t feel right for you both, then listen to your instincts and think about what would feel right.

There’s no point in sticking with a beautiful theme if it doesn’t make you feel like royalty!

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