How to Make Your Remote Wedding Still Feel Special

The global pandemic is disrupting many weddings this season by making travel much more difficult among family and loved ones. In many, if not all cases, hosting a large gathering is no longer safe. If your wedding plans have been postponed or canceled this season, you might enjoy joining the numerous couples who have decided to live stream and remotely host their weddings.

While it might not be the way you dreamed it, many people have found online weddings to be just what they need to celebrate their union and connect with loved ones. Whether they’re seeing you in person or not, your remote wedding can be a great pick-me-up for isolated friends and family and an opportunity to spread love and cheer.

Plan Some Pre-Wedding Events

Don’t miss out on anything by scheduling your pre-wedding events virtually as well. Consider video-shared bachelor and bachelorette parties to keep in touch with your friends, and video streams work for wedding showers as well.

If you’re hosting a virtual wedding event, brainstorm ways to bring everyone in and get them all involved. This could include sharing stories, recipes, and even doing champagne toasts over the internet. Since this will be new territory for many of your guests, let them know what to prepare for and expect ahead of time when you send out the invites.

Live Streamed and Remote Weddings Have Special Benefits

Remote weddings offer a lot of freedom for directing the ceremony and making it your own. Remote ceremonies are more flexible than traditional ceremonies, allowing you to choose the order and style of events. Many people will find this to be less stressful, easier to plan, and much less expensive than a more traditional wedding.

When live-streaming your remote wedding, a strong internet connection is a must. We also recommend not skimping on your camera rig. This isn’t the sort of event that you’ll want to use your computer’s built-in web camera for, so it pays off to put some research into how you want to film the events.

You’ll also want to choose a streaming service that best fits your wedding scope and plans. Zoom has become the most popular streaming service for weddings. It offers up to 1,000 connected devices, which is likely more guests than most couples need. This capacity, however, also gives you the opportunity to invite even more people than you might have for a traditional wedding, including plus-ones who might not otherwise have been able to fit into a venue’s capacity. It also makes your wedding more accessible for those who might not have been able to afford to attend otherwise.

Just as with any wedding ceremony, there are times when the attention is and should be on you and there are times when you want your guests’ participation. Most platforms will allow you to mute and unmute your guests throughout the service to help moderate and encourage participation during the proper times.

Personalize Your Invitations

One of the things that makes your big day so special is the opportunity to express your style as a manifestation of your love and union. Planning a remote wedding doesn’t have to change that. You can still express your style and give your wedding a theme by mailing invitations that give your guests details on where to stream your wedding and what to expect.

Of course, if you would rather not worry about paper invitations, then there are also a lot of good ways to send your engagement photography in digital invitations. Most digital invitation services will help you to track RSVPs, among other considerations.

Rehearse It

Rehearsals are still very important for a remote wedding. Taking this step will help the real one to flow much more smoothly.

While rehearsing, test out your technology, including making your internet’s bandwidth can handle everything. Test that all of your rigs, including cameras and music, run smoothly so that you don’t have to worry about wires the day of. Make sure to test out angles and lighting for your photography, to help you to look your best. Additionally, if you plan on using music during your service, make sure that it comes through the speakers and doesn’t echo on stream.

Dress Up

Treat yourself and dress up for your wedding. Even when celebrated remotely, this is still an important day for you, and you’ll want to look your best. Follow wedding makeup tutorials to do your own makeup and spending time on your hair, using a straightener or curlers to make it all look fabulous.

Remote weddings are also offering many the opportunity to break tradition. That means you don’t have to wear the typical white dress unless you really want to. The most important thing is that it feels special and meaningful to you.

Make it a Party

Ask your friends and family to dress up for you, even if they’re celebrating in their own homes. Choose themes or a color that they can all wear so that they feel they are a part of it, despite the distance.

Host a virtual reception, where you having a first dance on screen and enjoy some cake. To keep everyone on the same page, distribute a signature cocktail recipe for your friends to prepare and enjoy with you. Additionally, be sure to set up some time for your guests to tell stories and give toasts.

Don’t Sweat the Glitches

It’s your big day, and you should enjoy it. One way to let yourself enjoy the good times is to be flexible and unperturbed when little things don’t work out. You might have to troubleshoot audio feedback during the ceremony, and that’s okay.

Keep in mind that everyone knows this isn’t a normal circumstance, and they’re all there for you. Your guests will forgive you if there are some hiccups to address.

Don’t think of this as the only time that you celebrate your marriage. Marriage is a long commitment and there are many milestones that will deserve celebration. A year down the line, as social distancing restrictions lift, you can throw the big bash anniversary party of your dreams.

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