Photography Tips: How To Find A Wedding Photographer VII

Couples should only ever book a photographer that gives them the images on a USB or digitally, not holding them to ransom for their photos after the day. They also need to think about the style of photos they like and book a photographer who works in the style they like.

What couples don’t need to worry about is if the photographer has worked at their venue before. Awesome photographers can work anywhere.

I would say find what fits them the most. I HIGHLY recommend getting an album, because digital files will just sit on your computer forever. Also, don’t ask for RAW (.cr2) files or copyrights. Most photographers will give printing rights. You hire a photographer for the final product (just as you would a chef or an architect), not the raw materials.

Initially the most important thing is to get on with the photographer and like their style of  their images.

Brides and grooms should look for photographers who take photos that they like, in the style that they love. In addition, they should look for photographers who they like and get along with. Your wedding photographer will spend your entire wedding day with you, so you want it to be someone you are comfortable with and enjoy!

I think this is very much a question about albums. Couples should always look to get their photos printed, even if I don’t make an album for them. The life of digital media is unknown. Photos printed stand the test of time and will passed down from generation to generation.

They should look for good images, in terms of quality, and in terms of content. I understand photography has its own rules but you have to understand the photographer has their own style and think that you will be looking at these images as your memories.

The biggest two elements I think are crucial for selecting your Wedding Photographer is:  1. You are absolutely in love with your photographers work, in terms of style of shooting, editing, displaying and delivering final product.
2. Make sure you simply like him as a human, as a personality that will spend with you one of the most important days in your life.

It all really depends on what the bride & groom are looking for in terms of coverage  & what’s important to them. I have 3 packages with different coverage & different things included such as albums, engagement shoots and much more.

I believe custom packages, flexibility, good quality product options, and no hidden fees are key when discussing wedding photography packages.

Many not as good photographers bloat their packages with loads of stuff, like various prints in different sizes and promise big amount of pictures, suggesting that with them the client would get more for the money.

Couples should remember that it is mostly great pictures they are paying for,  not by the quantity but by the quality. ‘Great pictures’ is, of course, very subjective, so the couples have to take a closer look at the portfolio and make sure if the like the particular style and can imagine themselves photographed this way.

I also think that contact with the photographer if not personal, then over a video conference  is very important, to make sure that the connection is there.

The bride and groom should think about the quality of the images. The image quality is the thing which can not be ignored. Good photo books are the result of excellent pictures.

Hiring a wedding photographer for the service of their wedding is one of the most important issues for a couple. He or she will be responsible to record and create their memories, emotions forever. So the first recommendation is to find a wedding photographer, to look for the right person who most corresponds to their way of being, who empathizes with them and will be able to return them the emotions of the most important day of their life.

Always look at one wedding session rather than a collection of photos from various weddings. If you look at one session then you will see the consistency and style you really will get.

The bride and groom should focus on their way of being. They must therefore look for a photographer who can represent their essence. Too often, the bride and groom focus on parameters that will not lead to a result that will give satisfaction, such as price, covers, etc, instead of evaluating what kind of photography is done, the willingness to meet their needs, the ability of the photographer to steal the most important and intense moments, how long the photographer is willing to work.

I do not offer services in packages. I offer my presence, for the entire day, from the preparations to the final dance. And their party.

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