Photography Tips: How To Find A Wedding Photographer

Welcome to The Select Bride’s collection of tips from the very best wedding photographers around the world.

Find a photographer whose work you really like but also someone who you want to work with as an individual. It’s important that you feel comfortable around your photographer on your special day.Be cautious with photography packages that seem to include everything for very little money. Its 100% true that you will get what you pay for!

They should put coverage over end product. Albums can be purchased at any time, just make sure that you are not trying to shoehorn a whole days wedding into a few hours of wedding photography coverage. This way your wedding will be documented in a true and beautiful way, rather than ticking off your must have images that will never feel the same as your day simply did not happen that way.


flower girls cuddling under wedding dress
Wedding Photographer Marios Christofi

They should look for the style that they want and look for quality pictures. Package isn’t important. It should only suited to their needs.

I personally don’t think they should look for a wedding package! Photography packages are so impersonal and generic. You’re basically saying that everyone couple is the same. Also it’s so important that a couple has a connection with the photographer and that they know how the photographer works on the day. They might produce great photos but if they do it in a way that you’re not expecting or comfortable with, then this can create friction.

Reflection of bride and groom and vicar
Wedding Photographer Netherlands Isabelle Hattink

Again, whatever it makes them feel completely happy and satisfied, no matter what it is. I always try to help who contacts me to find the perfect match with for them (suggesting other colleagues’ portfolio for examples) in terms of aesthetic, budget and so on, sometimes this means to lose a client but I think this is for the best anyway: for all the passion we can put into our work, this is work for us, while for our clients are the memories of one of the most important day in their life. They deserve the best possible fit.

I think they just need to feel the images with their heart, look at loads of work from each photographer in all lighting conditions and seasons. A good photographer will excel in any situation, its easy to have a nice sunny portfolio of golden light portraits.

I think each couple are individual and should go for the right style of photography for them, I also think it is important to choose a photographer that has the right personality for the couple, after all, they will be spending most of their day with them!

bride and groom kissing under veil
Wedding Photographer Italy, Cristiano Ostinelli

Firstly, Its in our nature to look at price and often see it as the only factor in our decision making. As a person who loves a bargain, I’ve made similar mistakes before, and had to buy a certain product again, (buy cheap buy twice as they say!) I also don’t underestimate the importance of the saying ‘you get what you pay for’

Your wedding day is probably the biggest day of your life and something you’ll only do once, you cannot do it again – therefore I believe in choosing a photographer who’s package (and price) reflects their experience, professionalism, technical ability, understanding & personality.

I’d personally consider these things when choosing a wedding photography package :
1. Having the high resolution images to keep. (not just an album)
2. Do they set a time limit on coverage? (if so what if your day runs behind schedule?)
3. I’d avoid packages that seem to include everything possible (images on cd, 3 wedding albums, prints, canvasses, box frames, a keyring)

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