Photography Tips: How To Find A Wedding Photographer IV

Honestly I don’t think of things this way. If someone loves my work, that should be their drive to contact me. Nothing else. I aim for one person at a time, not all of the couples are my potential clients, and there will always be people who don’t really like my work and my quiet approach. That’s a good thing, there’s a wedding photographer for everybody on the market, you just have to look for what you really love.

Clients need to really believe in a wedding photographers work and not get caught up in wedding photography trends or the physical products offered; it’s the content that’s important.

I think the most important thing is that they are the ones who choose what they want and not what you impose as a photographer. Because sometimes we fall into wanting to do weddings for our blog and we must keep our ego can with the essence of photography of two lovers. For me the most important thing are the wedding photos.

Every wedding is different and every couple has their own needs and expectations. It’s hard to give a generic advice. I think that finding a wedding photographer with a shooting style that suits the couple is crucial.

Find a portfolio you like and then meet the photographer. I think its such a personal thing that you have to like the person you hire, they’re with you all day and will stand a few feet away at the moment you’re married. If you’re not comfortable in their presence you wont relax and this translates into the images.

I personally struggle a little bit with clients who are eager to book an absolute minimum of hours in order to save money. It is challenging to capture anything other than the most important must-have-shots when you only have a few hours. Your wedding day is such an extraordinary day full of unpredictable emotions, you should make sure to allow the photographer time. The best photographs are taken when a photographer is given the chance to observe and take in moments.

I think they should look for quality pictures instead of thousands of photographs. The harmony with the photographer is also important.

Look for personal connection with the wedding photographer and his/her style,  not for discounts.

They should ask to view a full wedding for the photographers they’re interested in. Sometimes website portfolio give a false idea of the photographer’s fully wedding day work. Also make sure that they are aware of any ‘fine print’ that the photographer has within their packages.

They really just need to pick someone who suits them. They should adore their photographers work and that’s the most important thing. Obviously they need to make sure they are hiring a professional who has all the backups, the insurance and of course the skills and experience needed to take on a wedding. They should also like the photographer as a person, as they will probably spend a lot of the wedding day with the photographer around. Doesn’t mean they have to be best friends for ever though, don’t worry!

I think its important to look the complete body of a photographers work, I’ve heard a lot of stories where couples have been dis-satisfied because the complete set of images is inconsistent, it’s important to be aware of what your end product will look like.

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