Photography Tips: How To Find A Wedding Photographer III

First and foremost they should be looking for the work of someone they love and feel passionate about. This will mean they get the most out of their wedding photos and understand the passion of the photographer. Next they should always arrange to meet with them, I think personality goes a massive way to ensure you can get the best out of a picture. Technically you might be the best photographer in the world, but if you don’t get on with a couple personality wise it would be difficult to get them to relax, feel at ease and look their best.

We think there is a perfect wedding photographer for every couple and they tend to deserve each other :-). Brides and grooms should think about what they really want not about existing trends, packages, other peoples weddings etc. In other words, define your dream and follow it.

I think that in a wedding photographic service packages should not exist, but packages should be only suited to their needs.

I think people looking to get married should always choose a photographer who they vibe to. Nowadays, there are so many talented photographers with so many levels of talent and photography styles. Choosing a photographer that speaks to you, with a wedding package that has a lot of time! I always feel that wedding days should be covered from start to finish, to better tell the story of the whole day.

Not to be dazzled by all kinds of extra services, like photo booth, prints, albums etc. The core is always the photography itself.  To find someones photography that can touch you and connect to you. When you get good photos, it is never too late to think of what to do with them afterwards and there are tons of shops and services can help you.

You just have to look for what you really love and should be able to see yourself in the images.

First thing, brides and grooms should take a closer look at the pictures. All these weird award-winning pictures are just a hook to attract attention. But normally, you’d want more than just one-two really state-of-the-art pictures.

You’d expect a story, well captured, both technically and creatively. So, when you are interested in a photographer, try to see as many of his pictures as possible, a complete wedding and ask yourself if you would be happy with it if you were a couple.

Second, I think personal (or at least a video) contact to the photographer prior to the wedding is important. You have to make sure if ‘the chemistry’ between you is good. Take an advantage of the in-depth consultation, which most photographers would offer for free prior to the booking, then you will be able to better understand your priorities.

What I could tell them is: follow your heart, if you like the work of a photographer and his personality, that’s a match! If you don’t like one of these two, don’t forget there are thousands of other wedding photographers around the world. Pictures of your wedding are your memories, but also those of your families, your kids might ask you in the future why, in this digital world, didn’t you chose someone you liked.

Bride & groom should be able to see themselves in the images. And remember what’s in style today might not be in 10 years time. Ultimately look for someone you get on with as a person and like their style, after all, it’ll be those images that you’ll use to remember your day.

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