How To Become A Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is an individual who assists with the arrangement, planning, and operation of customers’ weddings. Weddings are the most beautiful events in people’s lives, and as similar, many couples are ready to spend a great deal of money to ensure that their marriages will be well-organised. Wedding planners are frequently used by couples who don’t have enough time to organise and arrange wedding venues and suppliers. 

Wedding planner job responsibilities frequently include:

1. Replying to calls and emails from customers.

2. Arranging and defending contracts with dealers.

3. Creating marriage day timelines.

4. Hiring caterers.

5. Finding a venue.

6. Cataloguing a band or musician for the marriage event.

7. Opting for marriage invitations.

8. Picking out flowery setups.

In this article, we would love to tell you about the steps that should be taken to become a successful wedding planner.

Think about versatility

You need to understand that this job is quite challenging and you should not only help people to organise this very important day but also cheer them up when they are down and stressed.

Estimate your abilities

Wedding planning takes a distinct skill set. You have to be suitable to fund, conclude, and arrange. You need to be good at working troubles and handling your time. You may need to handle a team of workers and others who are negotiating specific duties at the marriage.

Consider doing some internships or attending courses

Many couples who desire to hire a wedding planner want someone who has specific practice and certification to approve that.

Don’t break a law

Try to find out what you need to do from a legal viewpoint if you desire to open your wedding planning company.

Find customers to make a portfolio

Some customers can require some samples of marriages you have already planned so far or contact data for couples you’ve worked with. You might have to work with some couples to create a portfolio to get started. Maybe some of your relatives desire to tie a knot, so that you can suggest yourself as a wedding planner. Yes, you might earn a small sum of money or even nothing because they are your relatives, but you’ll be able to update your portfolio.

Advertise yourself or look for a job offer

Try to advertise your services in your town or city. For instance, you can create an Instagram account and add some photos with the descriptions from your portfolio. Apart from advertising your services on some websites, you can also try to find a job as a wedding planner and work for other companies. Try to seek a job offer as a wedding planner on the best search websites like Jooble. 

Salary of a wedding planner

The average wedding planner’s salary in the UK ranges from £18,000 to £25,000. Payments can vary extensively depending on numerous important factors, including education, working hours, and your experience. 


In the end, we would like to say that marriage planning as a business is one of the factors leading to adding demand for the services of marriage planners. With many marriages, the demand for wedding planners is increasing. The most burning issues within the career include how to measure up to the occasion, accepting responsibility associated with the occasion, attaining marriage success as anticipated by the customer, and communication issues. Marriage planners should resolve these issues, including professionalism issues with their guests and staff, for a successful marriage planning.

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