How to Design the Perfect and Creative Wedding Invitations

Sending wedding invitations is a sacred ritual that tells all your friends and family that you and your fiance will soon bond in holy matrimony. Many couples take the choice of invitations really seriously. That’s understandable because most of us believe that invitations can be some sort of expression of our couple as a union.

Invitations are an important part of your wedding to-do list, and we believe that they should be memorable. If you love traditional ones, then go ahead, but if you prefer to take an unorthodox path, you’ve got to the right place.

Today we prepared five interesting ideas on how to create amazing and unique wedding invitations that will take their rightful place in the celebration of your love.

Dive into the DIY World

In the day and age of the global pandemic, almost everybody has financial issues and opt to DIY at least some parts of the wedding to save some cash for more important things. Like for a honeymoon, for example.

Handmade invitations should absolutely become a part of your DIY wedding. They will be unique and really personal. Of course, it will be a cheaper option, but it can take longer to produce them, so consider this extra time in your wedding plan.

The materials you will need for invitations will depend on the style of your wedding, of course. But, in general, you need to pick high-quality paper, ribbons, decor, envelopes, and seals. Choose the style you can recreate easily and practice a couple of times before you start making the real ones.

Consider Printed Invitations with Custom Design

If you want something special but are not particularly fond of the idea of making invitations from scratch, an excellent alternative for you will be printed wedding invitations. It also will be an incredible bonding experience for you and your partner because creating wedding invitations is a pretty intimate process.

So, first of all, you need to find templates for your invitation online. There are many beautiful ones out there on Freepik, Cards and Pockets, Jukebox, or Download + Print. Our personal favorite is Canva, so definitely check out Canva templates.

Now you just need to open Photoshop or Pixlr, and change the colors, add details, and pick another font. Get creative and add a little bit of your personality to the template to create a unique thing. When you are ready, all that’s left is to send the invitations to a printing company and wait for a result!

Go All the Way with Video Invitations

We love video invitations. You know, like one picture is worth a thousand words? Well, then one wedding video invitation is worth a million words and maybe a tear or two. As a plus, it is a budget and eco-friendly option that represents more than a simple piece of paper.

Frankly, creating video invitations is quite easy these days because the web is full of free online makers. Just find the photos and images you want to add to your invitation: maybe it will be your engagement photos, romantic pictures from special places, or just images that show off your love. Upload videos and pictures into online makers like Animaker, Movavi, or Powtoon and add effects, text, and transitions.

If you want to take the invitation to another level, hire a videographer and make a dedicated video for your save-the-date and invitation. You can save some money later while editing it with the best free video editing software available online. Believe us: it is as easy as making breakfast!

Create the Dedicated Wedding Website                

This invitation will be a remarkable one for sure. If you are interested in design and want to share more than just an invitation, but all the steps that lead you down the aisle, create your own wedding website.

Of course, one of the pages or just the whole main page would be dedicated to a romantic save-the-date picture or video. You can make a website for free on Tilda, Wix, or WordPress and use awesome website templates to create a magical internet page with all the information about your wedding.

Most free website builders have really intuitive interfaces, so it is easy to change your chosen template and add interesting details. You can make your website as a single landing page with the invitation and all the info about the wedding or create a couple of pages with a seating chart, a story of your love, or even a personal wedding blog. It is up to you!

If you think that it will be too hard, just remember: you learned how to plan a wedding, so using free website templates will be a cup of tea for you now!

… or just Send Artsy Wedding Emails

One of the options for cheap wedding invitations is sending emails. Thanks to online services like Greenvelope, Paperless Post, and others, you can create customized email wedding invitations, send them and even send follow-ups if needed (in case of canceling, postponing, or changes in your wedding plans). It is a great choice if you are on a strict budget but still want stylish and cute invitations.

You can add your design or use pre-made templates for this one, but frankly, the freedom is yours!

The best thing about email invitations is that you really can make sure your guests’ rsvp will get to you. Save trees, people!

So what do you need to choose?

Your wedding is a special day that will always be a part of your life no matter what. Wedding invitations are the first important thing that will connect you and your guests and prepare everybody for the celebration. As our mother says: “once the invitations are sent, it is for real.”

It doesn’t really matter if you pick traditional standard cards or will go with beautiful DIY or video invitations. The main reason here is your couple’s love, so if the invitations represent that, the job is done.

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