Hiring Portugal Wedding Planners & Wedding Photographers

Factors To Consider Before Hiring Portugal Wedding Planners And Photographers

Portugal is famous for its food and wine, beautiful beaches, breathtaking views of valleys and vineyards, and warm people who will welcome you with open arms. Getting married in Portugal is getting more and more popular because of its beautiful weather, and having a stylish and memorable wedding is not as costly as it is in other countries. To help you out with the most important occasion in your life, here are the factors to consider before hiring a wedding planner and photographer in Portugal.

Portuguese Law in Marriage

Before anything else, you need to know what  the legal requirements are in getting married in Portugal. Don’t start planning unless you have all the paper works. You need to decide if you want a civil wedding or a religious ceremony. There are different requirements for each of them. Your wedding planner should be able to assist you with the requirements and how you can secure them. When the requirements are all ironed out, then you’re good to go.

Set Your Budget

The first thing your Portugal wedding planners may ask you is how much your budget will be so they can plan the best arrangements that will fit your budget. Get this finalized before you speak with a planner so you can proceed with the other details smoothly. By the time you set a budget, they’ll be able to visualize what kind of wedding you’ll have. This is the best time to discuss how and where you want your dress to be made, the gowns and suits of your entourage, your cake and menu, and even the wine you want to be served. Everything should fit in your budget. If you’re going to go all out on your wedding, the less discussion it will need.

Decide on the Location

In any wedding ceremony, the location is very important, and it’s the one factor that sets the mood to your wedding. If you haven’t decided on which location you want to set the ceremony, ask your wedding planner to take you on a tour so that you can see the place and decide. They’ll be able to suggest the locations that are great for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Usually, there are Douro Valley tours conducted by different agencies or travel guides who can work hand in hand with your planner to give you that perfect place. You have numerous choices when you’re in Portugal. You could have a beach wedding, you can set it on a garden, a vineyard, even at the top of a valley! Let’s not discount the beauty of the rustic elegance of its town.

The Theme and Color Motif

Most girls have already decided on a theme and motif of their wedding during childhood. After all, this is the most glamorous and the most important occasion a girl could ever have, and ideally, it can only happen once in a lifetime. Having a grand and luxurious wedding is what most girls dream of. If this is the case for you then, that’s great! One less item ticked on that checklist. However, if you’ve not decided on a theme yet, there’s countless ideas your wedding planner can suggest. You can ask for photos of what their suggestion would look like so that you can also visualize what it would be like walking down the aisle surrounded with flowers and decorations on that color and theme.

The wedding date

Before hiring a Portugal wedding planner, check your calendars first. Check the best time for you to go to Portugal to make plans, the arrangements and the wedding itself. Wedding planners can be busy, so you need to mark the dates on when you can meet up. The planner will also be able to determine if your chosen date is ideal depending on the season. Then, you should be able to make adjustments until you meet at a specific date that would be ideal. This will also be helpful for the photographers that will be covering the occasion. It’s essential that you set a date already so that you can also set your appointment with the photographers. International photographers will also need enough time to take care of their travel documents if you won’t be hiring local photographers from Portugal.

Weddings can be very stressful to plan and work on. It’s something that you don’t want to go through alone. You’ll need professional help especially when you want to be wed abroad. Portugal wedding planners are always so accommodating and full of creative ideas to share. You can never go wrong, and for sure, you’ll have the dream wedding you’ve always wanted.




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