Gorgeous Greek Locations for your Destination Wedding

Say I Do with a View: Gorgeous Greek Locations for your Destination Wedding

A wedding in Greece easily tops the list when it comes to destination weddings. What sets apart this beautiful country from other locations are the breathtaking views everywhere you look. From seascapes and islands down to cliffside venues, Greece truly is the ultimate spot to tie the knot.

In this article, Make Happy Memories, a top wedding planner in Greece will walk us through the country’s wedding locations with the most jaw-dropping sceneries.


Pretty Paros

Enchanting and delightful, a wedding in Paros will leave your guests in awe. This island off the coast of the Aegean Sea fuses natural beauty and tradition, with ancient villages like Naoussa, Parikia and Lefkes, and breathtaking beaches like Parasporos, Golden Beach, and Kolymbithres. You and your wedding planner in Greece won’t have a hard time planning your wedding as Paros is complete with stunning venues, topnotch restaurants, a vibrant nightlife, and even exciting pre-wedding outdoor activities like windsurfing, diving, and organized tours. Pretty Paros Greece


Sweet Santorini

Probably one of the most popular wedding destinations not just in Greece but in the world, Santorini never fails to wow couples who decide to get married here. Home to two of the most photographed villages on Earth – Oia and Fira – you will never run out of Instagram-worthy location for your big day. Santorini also has a string of chic boutique hotels, private villas, and luxury accommodation where you can hold your celebration. Say “I do” with a view of the most spectacular sunset when you tie the knot here. The island also has several churches and chapels for your ceremony, depending on the type you prefer – symbolic, Orthodox, or Catholic.Sweet Santorini Greece


Alluring Athens

You should definitely consider the heart of Greece when scouting for a location of your dream wedding. The capital city is home to some of the world’s most amazing architecture that can serve as the backdrop for your nuptials. There are hotels and venues in Athens with the view of the Acropolis and other splendid spots like the Temple of Zeus. Athens also is the ideal location for nautical weddings as the city is famous for its beaches and ports with deluxe yachts. If you’re all about luxury, hold your wedding near the Athenian Riviera with its neighborhood of boutique hotels.Alluring Athens Greece


Charming Crete

Located comfortably in the southern part of the Aegean Sea, Greece’s largest island boasts of medieval castles, crystal-clear beaches, and an unforgettable experience distinct only to Crete. If you want a uniquely Greek approach to your wedding, then this is the location for you. If you want a low-key and secluded celebration, ask your wedding organizer to look for a venue in the towns of Rethymno or Lassithi. If you want something cool and comfortable, ask your Greek wedding planner for Chania or Heraklion. Prepare for relaxing days and fun under the sun, awesome sightseeing, and a fairytale wedding when you go for charming Crete.


Sensational Symi

Three words to describe Symi: small yet sensational. This quaint island in the Dodecanese group is known for its colorful town and wonderful culture. It’s also popular for its annual music festival, so getting married here means immersing yourself in the place’s rich history and way of life. Symi is the complete package – stunning hillside views, relaxing beaches, elegant architecture, and of course, a dreamy wedding courtesy of the best wedding planner in Greece.Sensational Symi


Magical Monemvasia

Probably the most romantic wedding destination in Greece, getting married in Monemvasia is like living a fairytale fantasy. You can literally tie the knot in a medieval castle – just like a prince and princess! If you’re not into this type of celebration, worry not, as the island has modern boutique hotels and mansions that can host your big day. Just like other Greek islands, Monemvasia is also home to relaxing beaches and traditional villages.Monevmasia Greece


Stylish Spetses

Go big on your wedding in Greece by choosing the affluent island of Spetses as your destination. It’s near Athens, so everything you could ever need for your big day is within reach. All the privacy and extravagance you require are here. Impressive mansions, elegant atmosphere, luxurious marinas, and first-class restaurants complete the high-end experience. Walk around the island without being bothered by cars and automobiles as these are not allowed on the island. But you can move around via horse-drawn carriage — now that’s indulgence!Stylish Spetses


Majestic MykonosMajestic Mykonos

If you want an exceptional nuptial that will be remembered by your guests for a long time, you should definitely try a yacht wedding in Mykonos. Located virtually at the center of the Aegean Sea, it is the perfect spot to get married on board a grand boat. Have fun under the sun and dance under the romantic Greek stars with the love of your life and select few family and friends without being bothered by gatecrashers and pedestrians. You can also add other exciting activities like island hopping and watersports. Best to ask your wedding planner in Greece how to pull off this kind of celebration. Absolutely one for the books!


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