Getting your wedding plans in order where to start

From engagement to wedding: how to plan each step

It’s not just your wedding that might need some planning – it’s the very first step, too. If you and your partner have been discussing the prospect of getting married, you may already have some ideas about what you want to do on the big day. After all, once you pop the question, there’s every possibility that you will need to start planning the formal processes relatively soon.

So, if you have a proposal and a wedding on your mind, here are the steps you need to take from being down on one knee to exchanging your vows.

Getting engaged: where to start?

The first ring you will need to purchase is, of course, the engagement ring. Finding the right gemstone and metal for your partner can be a tricky business. By looking for engagement rings online, you can mix and match materials, and browse plenty of aesthetics until you find the right one. For example, Diamonds Factory engagement rings can be browsed online, allowing you to pick and choose the materials you need. This is equally useful for your wedding bands, as you may wish to browse different types of metals and stone settings before you agree on which style to choose.

Where you get engaged is completely down to you. Remember, this moment will stay with you and your partner for the rest of your lives. Putting plenty of thought into where you pop the question might just be the second-best decision you ever make – after marrying your partner, of course.

You may also want to host an engagement party. This will require a small amount of planning, including a guest list, what food and drink you want to put on and where you want to host it.

Wedding formalities

The formalities of your wedding day are perhaps the most important. Meeting with the Rabbi, Vicar or organising the temple or registry office for your big day are the foundations that sit between the rest of the wedding building-blocks, if you will. These often warrant a bit more careful consideration, both in terms of finding the right person to marry you and where you want to get married. This may take more discussion than you think, particularly if you will need to transport family overseas to get to the venue.


Rather than haphazardly getting everything done as and when you think of it, try and write each step down. Getting a bullet journal is one of the best ways of doing this. This is a creative way of making a formal planner with an index and structured pages. This will allow you to break down each part of our wedding plan, as well as helping you to see the bigger picture. Helpfully, you will even find guides online that break down how far in advance you should buy the dress, book photographers and other important features.

The process of getting engaged, right up until the moment you get married can be an important phase in your life. Ideally, it will be surrounded by friends, family and a warm atmosphere. To ensure it all goes to plan, it’s important to plan as much as you can in advance – so you can get on with the important business of enjoying the big day.

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