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We were doing couples photos and bridal party photos at this really lovely bed and breakfast. The grounds were breathtaking, but I knew that this couple and their friends were a bit more unique and outgoing, and they would be game to try something different. So after the normal shots, I got them to try this frame.

This is one of those shots that works with the right set of people, so you have to get them on board and get them to try it in away that they are willing and look happy in the photos. That’s the real trick to photos like this, coming up with the idea, and then getting all of the wedding party to be like “yeah! let’s try that!”

Shot with a Nikon D800 , 50mm 1.4 shot at F3.2 , shutter 1/320, ISO 640 spot metered.

The shot was a bit too distracting in colour as there were a lot of colours from the garden reflected in the windows. It works perfect in black and white though, it’s one of those shots that needs to be black and white to work and focus the eye on what’s going on. There’s also a bit of dodging and burning work to bring out the faces, and some cloning work to remove the distracting elements in the garden.

I love the final shot, It’s exactly the type of group shot I love to nail for my clients. It’s funny and it shows their personalities perfectly.

Wedding Photographer London
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The Select Bride’s Thoughts
It’s just a funny and quirky wedding shot.  A shot that only great guests and a great photographer can pull off.

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