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Wedding Photographer Spain
Shrine of Our Lady of Castañar, Béjar, Salamanca
Wedding Photographer Johnny García

Johnny García and his wife Samadhi have more than 18 years of experience in the world of photography. Their photography has evolved towards a more personal style and a more creative approach with a documentary and natural feel.

It was a fun and exciting day spent with a couple who had been together for a long time, together with their son. Weddings where couples have young children are very special.

The wedding ceremony was ending and I was looking at the couple’s son who had been wanting to pee for a while, I could tell because of the gestures he was making. When his mother realized the little one couldn’t take it anymore, she picked him up and they went outside of the church so that he could pee. I knew I had to capture that moment so I followed them with my camera. I am always aware of documenting the stories that are generated around the wedding day and the couple, even more so when there are little children nearby. This was a moment not to be missed.

The only small difficulty was to go from the darkness of the church to the natural light outside. I knew there wouldn’t be much time before the moment would pass so I had to get ready and be quick. It was all very fast, you just have to be prepared for unpredictable situations. And if you sense something just follow your instincts.

The techincal details of the shot are :

Camera: Canon 5D MIII
Lens: EF 35mm
Camera Settings: 1/160 | f6,3 | ISO 200
Shot in manual, guided by the exposure of the meter in the camera.

The couple did not know that I had left the church behind them. When they saw the picture they loved it. The little boy didn’t like it so much at first but I know it will be a fantastic memory for them to look back on for years to come.

Wedding Photographer Spain


Wedding Photography Select’s Thoughts.

Just like Johnny mentioned. These shots on wedding day are priceless moments and memories. Real moments of real people.

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