Photo Of The Day: An Extraordinary Group Shot By Lyndsey Goddard

Lyndsay Goddard

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One Great George Street, London
Lyndsay Goddard Photography

This photo was taken at One Great George Street, also known as the Instituation of Civil Engineers, in London. I had just taken a large group photo from the upper balcony, looking down on all the guests, and everyone was turning around ready to head up the staircase to dinner. At that moment, one of the staff member’s from the venue tipped a basket of confetti over all of the guests. I was shooting with a 24-70 so zoomed in slightly to focus on the bride. It was very much a lucky shot, and if it weren’t for the bride, Chloe, in the centre of the frame, with her head turned towards me, eyes closed and such a joyful look on her face, I doubt it would have as much impact.

The wedding took place in March, 3 days after the Westminster bridge terror attack in London, and One Great George Street is just yards away from where it happened. There was a really large police presence on the streets around the venue that day, as well as all sorts of blockades, barriers, etc. It was a glorious day and I’d been hoping to get some good documentary photos of the couple outside the venue in the last remaining bit of daylight, but it was just too difficult to make it work. Inside the venue it was pretty dark, with no natural light, and I’d been wondering how and where I would be able to get something striking. This shot was quite unexpected, everything came together at the right time. I know the couple love the photo, and it’s one of my favourites from 2017 too.

I used a Canon 5DMKlll with a 24-70 lens, 1/160 sec at f4 iso 4000, no flash or additional lighting.

Wedding Photographer London

The Select Bride’s Thoughts

A glorious group shot. One of the best we have seen.

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