Fun Ways To Take Photos At Your Wedding

fun way to take photos at your weddingMany couples see their wedding day as the happiest moment of their lives. But you might consider taking the momentous occasion one step further. Express your creativity by introducing fun ways to take photos at your wedding.

Here are five ways to jazz up your wedding photos.

Set Up A Masquerade Ball

There can be fun in mystery, and having a masquerade-themed wedding can bring excitement to new heights. Let your wedding be a masquerade ball for the night as guests giggle at the sight of other people wearing masks. Still, you might know each person attending the event despite the disguises.

However, you can still stay true to your original theme for the wedding without delving too much into the idea of having a masquerade ball. Let you and your guests become mysterious in photos by hiring the right photo booth service.

Photobooths like the services offered by allow you and your visitors to use props while taking fun photos. These accessories may include signs, balloons, and masks. Try different combinations of these items to capture the fun at your wedding.

Play Sports In Wedding Attire

Perhaps, you met your significant other at a baseball game. Now, you want to recreate that momentous occasion. However, this time, you’re going to take pictures while wearing your wedding outfits.

The bride can wear her wedding dress while the groom wears a suit. “Batter up,” as the bride tries to hit a home run with a fastball thrown by the groom. Make the fun pictorial even more exciting by making the LED billboard flash meaningful messages upon hitting the ball.

Also, you can make it even more exciting by making a bet. For example, the bride may agree to any wish desired by the groom if she hits a home run. Watch as both parties become excited to play the game as their facial expressions capture the heat of the moment on camera.

You may also edit the photo to make sparks fly when the ball meets the bat. The finished image may look even more electrifying than before, with the right edits in place.

Paint With Light

This technique may need additional expertise in the art of photography to achieve great results. loving wedding photosg requires a skilled photographer to move around the scene with light to create bright streaks. Moreover, the photographer needs to open the shutter of his camera for a long time to create the effect.

Take note that the longer the camera shutter stays open, the more light can come through its sensor. However, there’s a caveat to this technique. The device will pick up any slight movement in the scene as it tries to gather extra light. So the bride and groom need to stay perfectly still while the other individual tries to create light streaks.

When you pull off this method, you’ll have amazingly fun portraits of your wedding day to show to your friends and family. 

Do A Superhero Theme

Many women find their significant others to be the heroes of their lives. If so, you can take that idea to fruition for your wedding day.

Grooms can wear their favorite hero shirts while striking a pose with their brides. The groom may even use a “fireman’s carry” on the bride, provided that he’s strong enough to carry her.

Otherwise, the groom and his groomsmen can unbutton their shirts to showcase their heroes’ logos lying underneath. Make the photo-op more fun by letting the bride make a swooning expression as if her hero flew her off to the sunset.

Transform Your Wedding Photos Into A Movie Poster

Let your photographer find inspiration in certain movies that dictate the love of the bride and groom into the film. Conversely, you can make fun photos out of the pictorial.

For example, the couple can wear adult-sized onesies while depicting scenes from famous animated movies with animals. Another example is to make a dramatic wedding photo that imitates the favorite film of the bride and groom.

Albeit the poster might look serious, the couple will have a blast playing out the roles for the image.

Final Thoughts 

There’s no shortage of fun ways to take and edit photos at your wedding. Let the tips mentioned in this post be your guide to help elevate the fun factor of your wedding day. After all, the fun shouldn’t stop when this historic day ends. These photos serve to let you remember all the exciting scenarios when you and your partner said your “I do’s.”

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