Free Wedding Photoshop Actions

Wedding photographers have to deal with hundreds of shots from a single photo session. There are images of the newlyweds together and separately, group photos with close relatives and all the guests of the event, still-lives of rings, flowers, outfit and decorations, etc. It matters a lot to every couple. You may easily get frustrated with so much work and such strict deadlines, especially if you lack Photoshop image editing skills.

Nowadays, you can easily find wedding Photoshop actions that will turn laborious photo editing process into pleasant and quick activity. There is hardly a wedding photographer, who doesn’t use these plug-ins. Depending on your needs, you can find paid and free wedding Photoshop actions to correct colors, add stylish finishing, bring joyful mood, blur the background, etc. Anyway, you’ll cope with the task several times faster.

5 Free Wedding Photoshop Actions

This pack contains the most beautiful Photoshop actions for wedding album that are designed by FixThePhoto team to give your wedding shots a stylish and shiny look. They will become helpful, if you need to perform light toning, smooth sharp lines, regulate colors, making them softer and more distinct. The downloading and installation takes several minutes and then you get many creative variants to improve your wedding photos. These wedding Photoshop actions are absolutely free of charge, without hidden fees. You can have a look at the entire collection of free Photoshop actions for all photography genres.

1. Free Wedding Photoshop Action “Creamy”

Wedding photographers often face problems when it comes to the proper white balance in the portraits of a bride wearing her white dress. Sounds familiar? Then, this Creamy action will be a real help for you, as it will quickly fix white balance defects, eliminating blue shades and reducing bright light.

2. Free Wedding Photoshop Action “Matte Effect”

Among lots of wedding Photoshop actions, this one never loses its popularity. The matte look is something that is naturally related to sensitive wedding photography. This plug-in adds a creamy look to the wedding shots taken outdoors near charming landscape. The final result will have some vintage vibes.

3. Free Wedding Photoshop Action “Perfect Black and White”

Practically all newlyweds want to have several B&W images in their wedding album. Such photos are usually very meaningful and emotional. So, please your clients with monochrome pictures from their wedding, using this free Photoshop action.

4. Free Wedding Photoshop Action “Cool”

This is an example of free wedding Photoshop actions that is aimed at altering the mood of the photo. In other words, this tool will refresh the shot with colors acquiring blue shade and becoming colder. So apply it to images with too warm tones and near water.

5. Free Wedding Photoshop Action “Party”

With many light sources at the wedding, you may get photos with “dirty” coloring. In such a case, use this PS action to brighten dark parts and make colors more saturated. It works great for dynamic images, like those taken in the restaurant while all the guests are dancing.

If you like these before and after Ps actions’ results, check the full collection of free wedding Photoshop actions to achieve more interesting results.

How to Install Free Photoshop Actions?

Don’t know how to install these wedding Photoshop actions? Watch these 2 tutorials for both Mac and Windows to make it fast and easy.


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