Free Wedding Lightroom Presets

Free Wedding Lightroom Presets

No matter how good your professional skills are, there is always a risk to get a picture that doesn’t meet your expectations. No one can take only brilliant and spotless shots. Many amateur photographers become upset when others notice even the smallest defects in their work. It’s especially important if we are talking about wedding photography. But don’t get upset! Using FREE wedding Lightroom presets  everyone can transform a common image into an impressive photograph.

Free Lightroom presets for wedding photographers are universal and save much time. You don’t need any special skills to quickly apply them to your images. If you want to impress you couple with amazing results, this collection will become a powerful tool to make your photos interesting and unique.

What Are Wedding Lightroom Presets?

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Wedding Lightroom presets are already saved settings, which are applied to a number of photos in order to speed up your batch image editing. They include all the available tools and adjustments, which will help photographers achieve the desired results with minimum time spent. They are designed by experienced photo retouchers or wedding shooters. The presets are created in the Develop module of your favorite Adobe Lightroom software.

H2 Types of Wedding Lightroom Presets

There are so many different effects Lightroom presets can have, but we will cover 3 most classical ones below. They are highly used by wedding photographers to improve their event and couple photography.

1. Matte Presetswedding lightroom presets

Amazing pastel colors, which are perfect for love story photography. These free wedding Lightroom presets help create magical photographs, make photos warm and moody. Get washing out the colors slightly and make your wedding photographs appear as if they have been printed on matte paper.

2. Vintage Presetsvintage lightroom presets

The vintage effect won’t make your photographs a relic of time. It’s a nice opportunity to emphasize positive emotions and create a warm atmosphere in your shots. Without low-quality vintage frames – only beautiful and nice light leaks.

3. B&W PresetsB&W wedding lightroom presets

These wedding presets are the best and quickest way to style your photos in several clicks. Improve the model’s skin tone, add a wonderful film effect, make colors soft and attractive.

4 Reasons to Use Lightroom Presetsfree wedding lightroom presets

Dealing with great numbers of shots, professional wedding photographers spend a lot of time on photo editing. The free wedding Lightroom presets can really simplify their work. However, many shooters still doubt whether presets can really facilitate batch editing.

Saves much time. All free Lightroom presets allow you to transform the picture just in one click!

Wide choice. There are so many beautiful Lightroom presets – vintage, pastel, matte, black and white, cinematic, light & airy, etc. You can choose the effect that fully suits your images. It’s also an opportunity to experiment with various styles and color effects.

Adjustable. Each Lightroom user can create his/her own presets or modify the existing ones.

Batch image edit. The last and most important benefit is the possibility of changing several pictures in a short time. The batch editing makes wedding photo editing quick and easy.

How to Install Lightroom Presets?


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