Photo Of The Day: An Emotive Image Shot By French Photographer Sylvain Bouzat

Wedding Photographer Lyon, France
Cluny, France
Wedding Photographer Sylvain Bouzat

This image was shot in France in a very well known city callled Cluny. The height of Cluniac influence was from the second half of the 10th century through the early 12th. I anticipated this moment because I saw the grandfather in his wheelchair in front of the church door before the bride and groom walked down the aisle. Right away I thought about this image I wanted to capture, with the couple, the children and the grandfather in the same picture. I had to make a choice. I either stayed behind and tried to get a shot and what I thought would be a powerful image (or maybe a bad photo, who knows!) vs doing a classical shot and staying in a comfort zone outside the church, facing the couple to get a standard wedding day image. I choose to take a different approach and it paid off.

I Faced the door from the inside, trying to keep the grandfather in the dark area. I tried to shoot at the same level as the grandfather and just wait for the best moment. I was waiting for a kiss but I prefer this one with the couples hands up and we can clearly see the 3 kids.

I shot the image with a Canon 5DIV with the 24mm 1.4L shot at 1/125 f4 iso250. The challenge was to keep the right exposure to keep all the details I needed in this photo (I tried to keep the white with a good exposure) I tried to meter for the white with a bit of under exposure (I know I did not need all the black information, but only the white to keep the control of this photo. I turned it to B&W in post and I did a bit of cropping, I remembered how much of the shot I tried to get right in camera on the day, saving a lot of work in post.

I feel great about this shot because it was the exact photo that I wanted to capture. I was just a bit afraid with the focus on the grandpa (in my opinion, it’s not so easy to focus with the 24mm with back lighting and to get shots like these right you have to do some re-framing.

Wedding Photographer France


Wedding Photography Select’s Thoughts.

It’s a really touching and emotive image. A happy day but this image brings a feeling of isolation. We’re sure the grandfather had a great time later and we’re sure this image will continue to bring a lot of tears of joy.


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