Everything You Need to Know About Eloping in Ireland

beautiful weddings in irelandAre you considering escaping to the Emerald Isle for your big day? If you are thinking about eloping in Ireland, there is so much to discuss and plan! From gorgeous castles to stately manors to captivating hideaways, there are countless one of a kind wedding venues in Ireland. There are also a few hoops that you will need to jump through to make your dreams a reality.

Think a whirlwind wedding might be right for you? Here is everything that you need to know about eloping in Ireland.

Plan Ahead

Sorry to rain on your parade of love but the first thing that you need to think about is planning! There is no such thing as a last minute wedding here. In order to get married in Ireland, you need to give the government at least three months notice before the big day.

Whichever wedding venue you opt for, they are going to ask you for a Marriage Registration Form (MRF). This document is relatively easy to get from the Irish government, but it can be a lengthy process. You need to gather together a range of documents, which can take a while, particularly if you are coming from abroad.eloping in Ireland

If you are eloping in Ireland but living abroad, you can request a mail-in form. It is essential to keep in mind that you need to visit the office in-person at least five days before your wedding whether you are living locally or abroad. You will also need to plan on paying €200. Read all of the details HERE to start planning.planning a wedding in ireland

Create a Picture Perfect Scene

While the idea of eloping is incredibly romantic, too many couples walk away regretting the lack of photos. Even if it is just the two of you, it is well worth splurging on creating keepsakes. There are so many amazing photographers in Ireland and you will find that local photographers are always willing to travel anywhere in Ireland so don’t feel restricted by location.destination weddings Ireland

Whether it is just the two of you or a small gathering of your closest friends and families, trust me, you won’t regret taking time to memorialise the day. Having high quality photos will create mementos that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Find the Perfect Venue

There are so many striking wedding venues in Dublin. Of course, for those eloping in Ireland, Dublin City Hall is a beautiful option! Located in the heart of Dublin City Centre, there are so many options for a lovely wedding reception dinner afterward as well as spots for a historical Dublin photo shoot.weddings in Ireland

Just because you are eloping in Ireland doesn’t mean that you are limited to city hall options! You can get married anywhere that you want to get married. While some wedding venues have a minimum guest requirement, many don’t. You can go solo or with just a handful of friends and family to some of the grandest venues in Ireland. So, if you want a church venue, get married in a church! If you have been dreaming about tying the knot in a castle, go for it. When it comes to wedding planning, it is all about doing what you love with the person you love!bruno rosa wedding photographer

Still think that a whirlwind wedding in Ireland is right for you? Check out this ultimate guide to eloping in Ireland to walk you through the planning process step by step.wedding photographer bruno rosa

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