PURE Documentary Wedding Photography Collection I

We’re pleased to share our PURE Documentary Collection II with you today.  Many thanks to everyone who sumbitted their images to our wedding photography community. We’ve made another selection with lots of wonderful and PURE Documentary moments. This collection is our choice displayed in no particular order.  We hope you enjoy them.

Documentary Wedding Photography :-
Using pictures or interviews with people involved in real events to provide a factual report on a particular subject.

Collection 1 – Top Pick

Documentary Wedding PhotographyThis is the wedding of Yasmine & Darragh at the very medieval and rich setting of Crewe Hall in Cheshire. We (Sara and I) both love dark and moody venues so this stunning building was just perfect, especially in Winter.

The shot was initially of a bridesmaid doing her reading during the ceremony… until this very cute flower girl decided to entertain herself at her mum’s expense. I believe she was getting into the spirit of Winter and the old hall as she was pretending to be a ghost, definitely not the scary variety as she had everyone in stitches. Ceremonies can be a little awkward and formal to begin with but this certainly broke the ice for people to relax and enjoy the ceremony.

I chose a 20mm lens for this shot to encapsulate the bride, groom and their reader (plus the entertainment!). I use just three prime lenses for 99% of a wedding, 20, 35 and 85. I’ve developed the ability to ‘see’ in these focal ranges which massively simplifies the process of documenting a wedding day. This was also the first outing of my newly acquired Nikon D850, which turned out to be outstanding. I also use a Nikon D5 for anything above ISO3200 as this has better IQ and dynamic range at these levels.

Between me and my wife Sara, we head up Pixies in the Cellar which has been rocking weddings since 2008. This year has been very kind to us with the acquisition of many awards from such esteemed international organisations as Fearless Photographers, MyWed and not forgetting the incredible Wedding Photography Select. We clearly LOVE shooting weddings and everything this encompasses from crazy unforeseen moments, intimate depth of emotion to dynamic and creative environmental portraiture. 2018 looks to be another blistering year and really can’t wait to get fired up again following our well earned Winter break.

Peter Farrell – https://www.pixiesinthecellar.co.uk

and there’s more……..

Documentary Wedding PhotographyA simple moment that passes and could be missed of this beautiful flower girl. Lovely colours, it looks like it could have been painted by an artist.

Andy Turner – http://www.andyturnerphotography.co.uk

Documentary Wedding PhotographyThis image looks more like a rugby scrum than the catching of the wedding bouquet. The lady who catches the bouquet just completes the image and the bride hasn’t a clue of the choas.

Alexa Poppe – http://www.alexapoppeweddingphotography.com

Documentary Wedding PhotographyThis image just says it all.  Perfect positioning to capture this accidental look.

Alexander Ziegel – http://www.spree-liebe.de

Documentary Wedding PhotographyLoving looks from the bride and her father balanced perfectly with the grumpiness of the girl.  Beautiful processing and light.

Wim Wilmers

Documentary Wedding PhotographyA nicely layered image, capturing laughter and confusion. Who knows what’s going on?

Vinicius Fadul – http://www.viniciusfadul.com

Documentary Wedding PhotographyThe boy wanders into this shot creating another element to the image. Is this image about the girl, the dog, the boy or the balloon?

Steven Herrschaft – http://www.stevenherrschaft.com

Documentary Wedding PhotographyYou can feel the emotion in this shot between the bride and the paige boy.

Sara Kirkham – https://www.pixiesinthecellar.co.uk

Documentary Wedding PhotographyA nicely juxtaposed image of happiness.

Salvador David Lluch Cano

Documentary Wedding PhotographyJust a perfect expression captured on the brides face.

Peter Farrel – https://www.pixiesinthecellar.co.uk

Documentary Wedding PhotographyDance until your drop.  Everyone is happy and having fun and the man is nicely framed between the two ladies.

Paul Mockford – http://www.mockford.co.uk

Documentary Wedding PhotographyKids having some funky fun.  Perfect poses of kids being great at being kids.

Patrick Engel – http://www.engelfotografie.com

Documentary Wedding PhotographyA great expression from the girl and a funny moment to look back on that could quite easily have been missed.

Patrick Engel – http://www.engelfotografie.com

Documentary Wedding PhotographyWe love the colours in this image, the light, the calm and the radiance of the bride.

Luca Pasquale – http://www.pasqualeluca.it

Documentary Wedding PhotographyWe see a lot of grooms crying, brides crying.  It’s lovely to see this couple in sync gazing into each other eyes. Nice composition and processing.

Matthew Sowa – http://www.matthewsowaphotography.com

Documentary Wedding PhotographyJust simply a beautiful moment caught on camera.

Marcos Greiz – http://www.marcosgreiz.es

Documentary Wedding PhotographySuch a wonderful smile captured in this shot. The little girl fills your heart with hope and joy.

Manu Frias – http://www.manufrias.com

Documentary Wedding PhotographyA beautiful bride and a beautiful moment.  We love the strong focus on the bride.

Luigi Rota – http://www.fotorotastudio.it

Documentary Wedding PhotographyWarm, wonderful and hilarious at the same time. If this shot was reversed we wouldn’t know what was going on behind the scenes.

Luigi Orru – http://www.luigiorru.com

Documentary Wedding PhotographyIt took us a while to figure out this shot but once we did it was perfect. A moment the bride may never have seen.

Lloyd Richard – http://www.lloydrichardphotography.com

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Documentary Wedding PhotographyThe man is framed perfectly. Strong processing and a sharp shot.

Laurentiu Nica – http://www.LaurentiuNica.ro

Documentary Wedding PhotographyThe photographer came, he saw and he conquered this shot. Strong framing balanced with the ghostly shadow.

Julien Maria – http://www.julienmaria.fr

Documentary Wedding PhotographyOur eyes a drawn to the little girl at first and the deep concentration of the two ladies until we finally see this cheeky chap with his wonderful expression.

Jiten Dadlani – http://www.jitendadlani.es

Documentary Wedding PhotographyWe love the layering of this shot but the little boy in the corner seals the deal.

Jiten Dadlani – http://www.jitendadlani.es

Documentary Wedding PhotographyGreat movement and colours. We’re wondering where he is going.

Igor Sherman – http://www.isfoto.ru

Documentary Wedding PhotographyWe can feel the atmosphere burning in this shot. A Strong black and white and lovely lighting on the couple.

Gaelle Le Berre – http://www.gaelleleberre.com

Documentary Wedding PhotographyNot much to say about this shot apart from kids are wonderful and make a wedding day and moments like these special.

Gaelle Le Berre – http://www.gaelleleberre.com

Documentary Wedding PhotographyThere is nothing more to say. The little girl says it all with her finger.

Emiliano Cribari – http://www.emilianocribari.com

Documentary Wedding PhotographyA happy moment that reminds us rain shouldn’t spoil a wedding day.

Dean Dampney – http://www.cloudface.com.au

Documentary Wedding PhotographyI can’t look.  The mother of the bride overwhelmed with emotion.

David Walters – http://www.dwliverpoolphotography.co.uk

Documentary Wedding PhotographyA beautiful mixture of colours, great lighting and a bride and groom that look like they are having a blast.

Cláudia Amorim – http://www.clauamorim.com.br

Documentary Wedding PhotographyGreat colours and lighting that seperate this happy couple.

Benjamin Brette – http://www.bphoto.fr

Documentary Wedding PhotographyHappy happy and a sad happy. A nice decision to focus on the mother and father of the bride or groom.

Arnau Dalmases – http://www.arnaudalmases.com

Well there you have it.  Another brilliant collection of great photographers and PURE Documentary moments captured in all their glory.  We’d love & encourage you to SHARE this article if you enjoyed viewing these images.

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