PURE Documentary Wedding Photography Collection VI

We’re pleased to share our PURE Documentary Photography Collection IV with you today.  Many thanks to everyone who sumbitted their images to our wedding photography community. We’ve made another selection with lots of wonderful and PURE Documentary moments. This collection is our choice displayed in no particular order.  We hope you enjoy them. More and more photographer are submitting their images showcasing pure documentary moments.

Documentary Wedding Photography :-
Using pictures or interviews with people involved in real events to provide a factual report on a particular subject.

Collection 6 – Top Pick

This is a photo that I tried to do before but it had not been as successful as I wanted it to be because I needed to get the shot fast, without looking so not to disturb the film crew or the ceremony. I crouched down and stretched out my arm with the camera. I just did two clicks, and this was the best of them. I wanted to show a common scene of wedding ceremonies from an unusual angle. The biggest difficulty is to lower yourself discreetly and not to disturb the proceedings. I crouched beside the couple during the exchange of alliances and I extended my arm. I tried to position the camera right in the middle so the image was as symmetrical as possible.

I captured this shot using :
Canon 5D Mark III
Lens: Canon Ef 24mm f/1.4L II Usm
Two remote flashes in Manual mode: 1/64
ISO 400

I metered it beforehand and I used f4 so that it had less risk of blurring, then the post processing was done using Photoshop. I love the final result and the couple even more – they were surprised! The couple, Aline and Jorge, are a quiet and very reserved couple. However, during the ceremony, both were very moved and they both shed many tears.

The ceremony took place in Espaço Bella Eventos, Goiânia, Brazil.

Cláudia Amorim wedding photography

Cláudia Amorim – http://www.clauamorim.com.br

and there’s more……..wedding photgrapher steven herrschaftDoes my bum look big in this.

Steven Herrschaft – http://www.stevenherrschaft.com

wedding photographer staffordshire andrew billingtonSinging in the rain.

Andrew Billington – http://www.andrewbillingtonphotography.com

wedding photographer brazil jader moraisLet it go, let it go.

Jader Morais – http://www.jadermorais.com.br

wedding photographer romania Laurentiu NicaGive us a kiss.

Laurentiu Nica – http://www.LaurentiuNica.ro

wedding photographer Spain Ernst Prieto £100 if you can take them down.

Ernst Prieto Fotografia – http://www.ernstprietofotografia.com

wedding photographer spain Eduardo Blanco AdánMake sure you get my best side.

Eduardo Blanco – https://edublancofotografo.wixsite.com/fotografia/

wedding photographer Andrew Billington staffordshireAaaah. That hit the spot.

Andrew Billington – http://www.andrewbillingtonphotography.com

wedding photographer brazil Cláudia AmorimLets party like it’s 1995.

Cláudia Amorim – http://www.clauamorim.com.br

Just chilling with ma peeps.

Cláudia Amorim – http://www.clauamorim.com.br

wedding photographer france Olivier Fréchard Happy days.

Olivier Fréchard – http://olivierfrechard.com/

wedding photographer spain Calm Down, Calm Down.

Ernst Prieto – http://www.ernstprietofotografia.com

wedding photographer brazilI don’t even know you but I’m enjoying this hug.

Jader Morais – http://www.jadermorais.com.br/

wedding photographer paul budusanGet your coat, you’ve pulled.

Paul Budusan – http://www.paul-budusan.ro

wedding photographer italy Carmelo UcchinoI believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the skkkkkkyyyyyy.

Carmelo Ucchino – http://www.carmeloucchino.it

Nicu Ionescu weddings romaniaThis is only going to hurt a little.

Ionescu Nicolae – http://www.nicuionescu.ro

wedding photography jader moraisI knew I should have worn a different dress.

Jader Morais – http://www.jadermorais.com.br/

andreu doz wedding photographyDon’t move a muscle, there’s something on your face.

Andreu Doz – http://www.andreudozphotography.com

You made me cry my own tears.

Olivier Fréchard – http://olivierfrechard.com/

Mums the word.

Willian Rafael – http://www.willianrafael.com.br

wedding photographer Germany Patrick EngelWhere’s the bloody church.

Patrick Engel – https://www.engelfotografie.com/en/

andreu doz phtographyHow you doing?

Andreu Doz – http://www.andreudozphotography.com

Greatest Wedding Photographer. £10,000 Cash Prize – http://www.greatestweddingphotographer.co.uk

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