PURE Documentary Wedding Photography Collection V

We’re pleased to share our PURE Documentary Photography Collection IV with you today.  Many thanks to everyone who sumbitted their images to our wedding photography community. We’ve made another selection with lots of wonderful and PURE Documentary moments. This collection is our choice displayed in no particular order.  We hope you enjoy them. More and more photographer are submitting their images showcasing pure documentary moments.

Documentary Wedding Photography :-
Using pictures or interviews with people involved in real events to provide a factual report on a particular subject.

Collection 5 – Top Pick

The big point is the spontaneous smile of the bride and the interaction with the makeup artist that brought a relaxed and cheerful moment, despite all the tension that usually accompany brides in those moments. The ambient light was aligned with an object (glasses) to frame the main subject, the bride’s smile was captured at the right moment. She was having a cheerful and contagious conversation. It was a perfect smile and a perfect moment and I wanted to add an extra element to this shot and through careful observation I found my moment and position and made a lucky little click with the camera.

It was taken using natural light with a NIKON D750, Sigma 24-35 @ 24mm, shot at F / 5, ISO 2500, 1/320.

David Hofman – http://www.hofmanfotografia.com.br

and there’s more……..wedding photographer Jader MoraisI need more wine.

Jader Morais – http://www.jadermorais.com.br

Richard Galloway gallowayphotography.uk.comA quiet and simple wedding moment.

Richard Galloway – http:/www.gallowayphotography.uk.com

wedding photographer Sebastian ClavalDoh

Sebastien Clavel – http://www.sebastienclavelwedding.com

wedding photographer Andrew BillingtonWe requested an unplugged wedding.

Andrew Billington – http://www.andrewbillingtonphotography.com

A touching moment (pun intended)

Andrew Billington – http://www.andrewbillingtonphotography.com

wedding photographer StaffordshireWhat a waste of good beer.

Andrew Billington – http://www.andrewbillingtonphotography.com

wedding photographer Cláudia AmorimWe all ned a good clean out now and again.

Cláudia Amorim – http://www.clauamorim.com.br

wedding photographer Jader MoraisThe trickiest part of the day.

Jader Morais – http://www.jadermorais.com.br/

Just a little bite.

Nicu Ionescu – http://www.nicuionescu.ro/

wedding photographer StaffordshireA doubly touching moment.

Andrew Billington – http://www.andrewbillingtonphotography.com

wedding photographer Niels GerhardtJust A Bit Of Lippy.

Niels Gerhardt – http://www.ng.wedding.photography.com

wedding photographer Olivier FréchardWonderful light.

Olivier Fréchard – http://olivierfrechard.com

A lovely tender moment.

Olivier Fréchard – http://olivierfrechard.com

wedding photographer Sebastien ClavelFantastic elements to this image.

Sebastien Clavel – http://www.sebastienclavelwedding.com

Sebastien ClavelGet on down sister.

Sebastien Clavel – http://www.sebastienclavelwedding.com

wedding photograpehr Steven RooneyThe moments that we never see.

Steven Rooney – http://www.stevenrooneyphotography.com

She peaked too soon.

Alexa Poppe – http://www.alexapoppeweddingphotography.com

www-danielpribeiro-com-brStriking colours for this VERY emotional moment

Daniel Ribeiro – http://www.danielpribeiro.com.br

www-engelfotografie-com - Rosa EngelJust lovely.

Rosa Engel – http://www.engelfotografie.com

www-grazmel-photography-com Graziano GueriniCool as Ten.

Graziano Guerini – http://www.grazmel-photography.com


Alexander Ziegler – https://www.spree-liebe.de/

steven herrschaftClassy

Steven Herrschaft – http://www.stevenherrschaft.com

Sharing is caring.

Andrew Billington – http://www.andrewbillingtonphotography.com

Free Membership To Wedding Photography Select wedding photographer marios kourouniotisIt’s go time.

Marios Kourountis – http://marioskourouniotis.com

Silviu Florin SalomiaTell me when its over.

Silviu Florin Salomia – http://www.studioinfinie.ro

Will Wareham wedding photographerThere’s always one.

Will Wareham – https://www.willwarehamphoto.com/

Ernst PrietoCentre of attention.

Ernst Prieto – http://www.ernstprietofotografia.com

Laurentiu NicaLet’s dance.

Laurentiu Nica – http://www.LaurentiuNica.ro

Willian RafaelA wonderful shot, great seperation and perfect light.

Willian Rafael – http://www.willianrafael.com.br

Steven RooneyKids always being kids.

Steven Rooney – http://www.stevenrooneyphotography.com

wedding photograher Gaelle le BerreA timeless moment.

Gaelle Le Berre – http://www.gaelleleberre.com

Did you get it. Oooh, I got it!

Barbara Dorota Karpowicz – http://www.bdfkphotography.com

Thanks to everyone who shared their images, collection VI will be coming very soon. We’d love & encourage you to SHARE this article if you enjoyed viewing these images.

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