PURE Documentary Wedding Photography Collection III

We’re pleased to share our PURE Documentary Photography Collection III with you today.  Many thanks to everyone who sumbitted their images to our wedding photography community. We’ve made another selection with lots of wonderful and PURE Documentary moments. This collection is our choice displayed in no particular order.  We hope you enjoy them. More and more photographer are submitting their images showcasing pure documentary moments.

Documentary Wedding Photography :-
Using pictures or interviews with people involved in real events to provide a factual report on a particular subject.

Collection 3 – Top Pick

Wedding Photgrapher Andrew BillingtonThis photograph was taken on a blazing hot August day in a Tipi on a farm in a field in Shropshire. Pretty much every wedding has some form of speeches at some time in the proceedings and after getting the ‘safe’ photos it’s nice to look for one or two shots that are more interesting. I’m always looking to tell a story as simply as possible so dropping low gave me a way to simplify the frame to just include the elements I needed. The best man here is surrounded by people but I just needed him speaking so I dropped down low and using the bright sunshine outside to silhouette him against the canvas simplified the frame further

It was taken on a Fuji XPro2 at ISO 200, 1/250th at f2.8 on a 50mm lens (so that’s 75mm @ f4 in full frame terms). The only difficulty was squeezing betweensome closely packed tables in a small tent – but that’s par for the course 🙂

Andrew Billington- http://www.andrewbillingtonphotography.com

and there’s more……..

ernst-prieto-fotografiaA happy couple and a cheeky chappy. Lots of beautiful elements and lovely smiles.

Ernst Prieto – http://www.ernstprietofotografia.com

ernst-prieto-fotografia italyA simple and touching moment.

Ernst Prieto – http://www.ernstprietofotografia.com

wedding photographer steven herrschaftWe have no idea what is happening here.  Why is he wearing a dress. A hilarious capture.

Steven Herrschaft – http://www.stevenherrschaft.com

laurentiu Nica wedding photosTaking the 1st dance to extreme.  I think they may have stolen the moment.

Laurentiu Nica – http://www.LaurentiuNica.ro

Andrew Billington CheshireA happy moment with a splash of light.

Andrew Billington – http://www.andrewbillingtonphotography.com

gaellele berreWe think this lady is slightly happy with the result.

Gaëlle Le Berre – http://www.gaelleleberre.com

Barbara Dorota KarpowiczWe always love happy reactions that happen off camera leaving everything to the imagination.

Barbara Dorota – http://www.bdfkphotography.com

Emiliano Cribari Wedding PhotographyKids being kids in this playful unscripted moment.

Emiliano Cribari – http://www.emilianocribari.com

Graziano Guerini wedding photosTwo brides for the price of one in this nicely composed image.

Graziano Guerini – http://www.grazmel-photography.com

wedding photographer Vinicius fadulI think their faces say it all.

Vinicius Fadul – http://www.viniciusfadul.com

Soven AmatyaThis lady has partied too hard.

Soven Amatya

Alexander Ziegler PhotoYou can’t beat an emotional moment and the tears of joy.

Alexander Ziegler – http://www.spree-liebe.de

George FotopoulosA beautiful bride and the beautiful children admiring her in the street.

George Fotopoulos – http://photographergreece.com

Will Wareham Wedding PhotographyBoys being boys. The hard part is over and the fun begins.

Will Wareham – https://willwarehamphoto.com

Francesco GaldieriBeautifully composed to create a tender moment.

Francesco Galdieri – http://www.istantisenzatempo.it

jader morais weddingsThings are getting a little competetive.

Jader Morais – http://www.jadermorais.com.br

wedding photographer Rosa EngelMore tender moments. Sleeping like a baby.

Rosa Engel – http://www.engelfotografie.com

Cute picture of flower girlMr. DeMille, I’m ready for my closeup.

Andrei Dumitrache – http://www.andreidumitrache.ro

marios kourouniotisEasing the nerves with a bit of bubblegum.

Marios Kourouniotis – https://www.marioskourouniotis.com/

wedding photographer Richard GallowayThey think its all over, it is now.

Richard Galloway – http://www.gallowayphotography.uk.com

Leandro Donato weddingsA new meaning given to a tongue lashing.

Leandro Donato – http://www.donatofotografia.com

sebastien clavelWedding preparations captured in their natural form.

Sebastien Clavel – http://www.sebastienclavelwedding.com

wedding photographer Siliang WangWe love the light on this natural shot.

Siliang Wang – http://www.siliangphoto.com

Free Membership To Wedding Photography Select wedding photographer Mauro CorreiaThe kids party has started. A joyful moment.

Mauro Correia – http://www.maurocorreia.com

wedding photographer Uliana YaretsGreat colours, great composition, what is everyone looking at?

Uliana Yarets – http://yaretsstudio.com

wedding photographer Vincent MuPerfectly composed. A juxtaposed bride and groom.

Vincent Mu

werdding photographer willian rafaelGame Over!

Willian Rafael – http://www.willianrafael.com.br/

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