PURE Documentary Wedding Photography Collection II

We’re pleased to share our PURE Documentary Collection II with you today.  Many thanks to everyone who sumbitted their images to our wedding photography community. We’ve made another selection with lots of wonderful and PURE Documentary moments. This collection is our choice displayed in no particular order.  We hope you enjoy them.

Documentary Wedding Photography :-
Using pictures or interviews with people involved in real events to provide a factual report on a particular subject.

Collection 2 – Top Pick

Alexander-Ziegler-wedding-photographerThis wedding photo was captured at a famous spot in Potsdam near Berlin (Glienicker Brücke).  It was a rainy day when we set out to take some photos but luckily the sun eventually came out from behind the clouds and the rain passed.  This wedding photo was the last of our couple photo session. When they were crossing the street the shadows they were making caught my attention and I thought it would make a great shot.  It wasn’t a difficult shot to capture the only issue was walking at the same speed as the bride and groom and waiting until they were in the exact spot I wanted for a good composition.

I used a I used my Fuji X-Pro 2 + Fujinon 23 2.0 at f2.8 and I did a simple black and white conversion to enhance the shadows and processed the image with crispy black and white tones.

Alexander Ziegler – https://www.spree-liebe.de/en/

and there’s more……..

A wedding day never goes perfectly smoothly, and when we look back we can laugh. This image brings a smile to our faces. Beautifully captured and never to be forgotten.

Ernst Prieto – http://www.ernstprietofotografia.com

We love this natural moment.  A lovely black and white conversion that fills the whole frame and your eyes are drawn to the bride.

Ernst Prieto – http://www.ernstprietofotografia.com

Just a fun moment captured on camera.  You can feel the little boys joy and pain (Make It Stop!).  A lovely moment and you can’t help smile when looking at it.

Steven Herrschaft – http://www.stevenherrschaft.com

We have no idea who this ghostly figure is in the picture.  Is it the groom? What is he doing?  It’s a very interesting bridal portrait that could have easily be discarded.

Manuel Del Amo – http://www.masterfotografos.com

The whole wedding party is beautifully framed in the party moment capturing the mood of the day and framing the bride and groom perfectly and naturally.

Andrew Billington – http://www.andrewbillingtonphotography.com

Another natural wedding moment captured.  Not everyone has the stamina to party.  Lots of different elements of fun in this image.

Gaëlle Le Berre – http://www.gaelleleberre.com

Pure joy is captured in this little boy’s face.   Perfectly framed, captured and converted.

Barbara Dorota – http://www.bdfkphotography.com

We have no idea what the bride is laughing at but we’re sure when she looks back at this moment the memories will come flooding back. A great image filled with laughter.

Emiliano Cribari – http://www.emilianocribari.com

We love the elements in this image and how the little boy on the left has been perfectly framed with the rest of the image.  Everyone seems completely unaware.

Steven Herrschaft – http://www.stevenherrschaft.com

A tender moment framed perfectly with the groom in the foreground.  A wonderful black & white image showing emotions running high.

Vinicius Fadul – http://www.viniciusfadul.com

The bride and groom steal a kiss during a quiet and unaware moment.  A tender moment, and beautiful wedding photo.

Aaron Storry – http://www.storry.co.uk

We love the way the tissues are handed out in this shot. A simple yet interesting shot.

Marcin Karpowicz – http://www.bdfkphotography.com

We love this image of the bride and groom.  It’s a natural shot and the man with the cigar somehow looks brilliantly iconic.

Ernst Prieto – http://www.ernstprietofotografia.com

Warm colours, a warm smile and a playful moment wonderfully captured.

Will Wareham – https://willwarehamphoto.com

We love this moment.  A smiling bridesmaid, a grumpy flower girl and the unaware paige boy.  Lots of perfect wedding day elements.

Barbara Dorota – http://www.bdfkphotography.com

The desperation on the bridesmaids faces says it all in this colourful action shot.

Aaron Storry – http://www.storry.co.uk

I made it.  Now when is the bar open?

Rosa Engel – http://www.engelfotografie.com

You are never to old to party and have fun as these ladies show us in the heartwarming moment.

Andrei Dumitrache – http://www.andreidumitrache.ro

The three stooges ease the tension of the wedding ceremony.  Their smiles make us smile.

Gaëlle Le Berre – http://www.gaelleleberre.com

This little boy is either trying to cheer the bride up during an emotional moment, or maybe he just bored.  Either way it’s a cheeky moment that lightens the mood now and forever.

Emiliano Cribari – http://www.emilianocribari.com

A layered shot full of different emotions.  Love,happiness and joy.

Leandro Donato – http://www.donatofotografia.com

Party On.  A great wedding party moment captured.  There always one who takes his shirt off. Lovely lighting and black & white conversion.

Cláudia Amorim – http://www.clauamorim.com.br

Another nicely layered shot with the bride taking focus and another couple enjoying the wedding day.

Cláudia Amorim – http://www.clauamorim.com.br

Free Membership To Wedding Photography Select A photo bombing pigeon.  Perfectly framed and stealing the focus.  Brilliant!

Mauro Correia – http://www.maurocorreia.com

Don’t try this at home kids.  It’s simply a wonderful albeit dangerous looking moment.  We hope that this is the boys dad at least.

Aaron Storry – http://www.storry.co.uk

We’ve no idea what is going on here.  An intriguing shot and a funny face.  We’re guessing somebody is kissing in this image.

Rosa Engel – http://www.engelfotografie.com

We can feel the emotion in this shot just by the hands.  Pure documentary, pure emotion.

Ernst Prieto – http://www.ernstprietofotografia.com

We love this image.  Beautifully focused on the little girl with perfect light shining on her face.

Rosa Engel – http://www.engelfotografie.com

This feel like such a classy fine art shot.  We love it.

Patrick Engel – http://www.engelfotografie.com

Don’t stop me now!  A wonderful shot, nobody is left out and everybody is getting down.

Barbara Dorota – http://www.bdfkphotography.com


Well there you have it.  Another brilliant collection of great photographers and PURE Documentary moments captured in all their glory.  We’d love & encourage you to SHARE this article if you enjoyed viewing these images.

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