Discover The Best Wedding Thank You Cards For 2019

Congratulations! You’ve tied the knot and have enjoyed a blissed out honeymoon, and now it’s time to settle into your happy married life. But, before you get too comfortable and cosy, there’s still one little job that requires your urgent attention. Showing your appreciation to your wedding guests, by sending them wedding thank you cards is the polite and proper thing to do.

Even though the advancements in technology have done away with many old fashioned traditions, there’s still something absolutely lovely about receiving a handwritten, heartfelt thank you card in the post. Crafting a handwritten wedding thank you card requires thoughtful consideration and concentration, but is the perfect way in which to thank guests that took the time to join you on your special wedding day celebration.

Beautiful wedding thank you cards are an essential part of any wedding stationery kit. You can choose elegant wedding thank you cards that match your save the date cards, personalised wedding invitations and RSVP cards, or opt for something entirely different. With so many gorgeous options available, writing your gratitude notes will be a pleasurable experience.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the choice of the best wedding thank you cards on offer, here are a few recommended suggestions…

Classically Timeless B&WClassically Timeless B&W

Nothing evokes the elegance and romance of a wedding better than a black and white photograph. A bespoke wedding thank you card that features a stunning black and white, non-posed image is a timeless souvenir that your guests will want to cherish. The high quality printed wedding thank you cards can be designed to complement your wedding theme, and can show off portrait or landscape format shots.

For a cool and classy contemporary twist, pair the chic black and white photo Wedding Thank You Cards with envelops that are finished with a bold pop of colour inside.

Full Colour PolaroidsFull Colour Polaroids

Many happy couples choose to embellish the front of their wedding thank you cards with a colourful Polaroid snapshot of one of their favourite wedding day images. If this style statement option is not for you, you can always insert a Polaroid wedding photo into the wedding thank you card, as a keepsake souvenir. Alternatively, you can enclose one of the photographs taken by your guests, using the disposable cameras that you placed on the tables at the reception.

Creatively ArtisticCreatively Artistic

It’s not mandatory that you decorate your wedding thank you cards with photographs from your big day. It’s perfectly acceptable to swap pictures for arty designs, eye-catching patterns or anything else that you want to creatively express. If you’re artistically minded you may feel inspired to flaunt your talents by designing a unique one-of-a-kind wedding thank you card that guests will perceive as a work of art. If you’re artistically challenged, but love the idea of a modern design for your wedding thank you cards, you can take inspiration from a multitude of things.

Show off beautiful printed artwork with elegant typography that is brushed with metallic gold or silver. Craft gorgeous wedding thank you cards that feature personalisation and embossed detail. Or decorate your wedding thank you cards with montage images that represent something meaningful to you.

Stylishly SimplisticStylishly Simplistic thank you cards

Some couples prefer to keep things simple, when choosing wedding thank you cards to send to all of their wedding guests. Understated designs that are printed on premium quality, thick card offer an elegant alternative to the wedding photo enhanced thank you cards that are popular with many newly weds.

Impress your guests by handwriting your thank you note inside a beautiful wedding thank you card that boasts a minimal and chic design. For maximum style impact pick a design that complements the colour palette of your wedding theme. Thank you cards that feature simple ‘Thank You’ typography on the front instantly get your message across.

Simplistic style thank you cards can often appear a little generic, so it’s a good idea to make sure that you personalise your written content. Keep your message short and sweet, and focus on expressing your genuine gratitude.

Destination DetailsDestination Details

Express your shared personality as a married couple via the medium of your wedding thank you cards. Show off the stunning sun-kissed destination of your wedding or honeymoon, and make your family and friends green with envy! Destination photos will reawaken the memory of your wedding day, for guests in attendance, and offer a glimpse of the nuptials that they missed, to the guests that stayed at home.

A Final Consideration…

While it may be tempting to type a quick email or text ‘thanks’ to your family and close friends, taking the time to handwrite a wedding thank you card is the polite and right thing to do. As formal wedding etiquette states that you have up to 3 months in which to send your thank you cards, you have plenty of time to select the best wedding thank you cards to send.

Whatever type of wedding thank you cards that you choose will be perfect for sending a personal note of gratitude to your guests. Don’t forget to include sincere thanks for their company on your special day, and to mention the gift and how you plan to use it. A little bit of effort on your part will put a smile on someone’s face, when your wedding thank you card lands on the doormat.

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