Differences between a wedding and an elopement

The word “eloping” comes from an old French term meaning “to run away.” Rather than have guests attend their traditional weddings or lavish celebrations with expensive food service options in high class venues such as Town Hall ballrooms across New York City – which can cost upward of $10K if not more – many couples these days prefer instead opting out altogether by simply travelling secretly overseas together before popping up again back home to tell everyone they are married.

When you elope, it doesn’t always have to be with the intention of running away from your parents. Sometimes a quick trip for some alone time can lead into something more meaningful and long lasting between two people who are in love.

A formal wedding is an important tradition that has been around since at least 1500 BC when King Ahaziah I married Jedidah – but elopements are often where individuals just want to spend their lives together without having any banquet or celebration. This could mean getting hitched under false pretenses so no one knows they’re already legally bound as partners in marriage.

Elopements are a modern, intimate way to get married. While some will just involve two people and the officiant for an even smaller wedding ceremony, others can include having guests witness your relationship commitment. There is plenty of flexibility.

The elopement has become popular in recent years because it focuses on celebrating the love between two people. Unlike traditional weddings, where everything is done to ensure guests have an enjoyable experience and enjoy themselves with all their plans coming together seamlessly; this type of wedding allows couples freedom.

So, elopement and wedding. What are the differences?

One of the key differences between a wedding and an elopement is that an elopement doesn’t need a venue.You can literally get married in a field if you wish.

This also happens to be one of the most attractive aspects of an elopement. Being able to decide where you want to have your wedding take place, and have a huge amount of flexibility with regard to the location, makes it incredibly flexible and personal.

There is also plenty of personal choice involved in the number of guests invited. It’s true that many elopements involve just two people and an officiant, but sometimes the happy couple can invite a few people to keep the intimate feel while still having people there to celebrate with them.

While a wedding might have plenty of decisions attached to it, and lots of stress, an elopement cuts out the vast majority of responsibilities. For many people who elope, it’s a great opportunity to cut out the worry and stress that can sometimes negatively affect the most important day of their lives.

Saying that, at the same time, some people enjoy the hard work and the stress that is involved in a formal wedding. It is a huge part of their lives for months, and can be a period of great excitement. With the planning aspect, it’s very much down to what the couple wants to do.

Some other key differences between a wedding and an elopement

  • The couple gets ready together or in the same place when eloping
  • Elopers have a ‘first look’, where they can see each other before exchanging vows and promise to be with only one another their entire lives- this isn’t something that is done out of obligation but rather because it’s personalised according to what makes these two people feel most comfortable
  • An elopement is not a wedding, so there are no real formalities
  • An elopement ceremony often happens very early or very late in the day (sunrise or sunset)
  • Weddings often follow a format or ‘order of service’ where everything is very much set in stone
  • Elopement photographers are usually the ones planning the elopement day

The perfect day is when you get to spend it with your loved one. A wedding may be the icing on top, but an elopement can have its own special qualities and significance in showing how much two people care about each other’s happiness above all else.

While weddings are often seen as a celebration for friends and family who gather together at someone’s house or venue, an elopement takes out any trace of triviality from these events- they’re also deeply personal moments between bride & groom expressing their love.

In many elopement situations, it is just the two partners and an officiant. A special day for the couple, and very different to a formal wedding.

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