Photo Of The Day: Matt & Tara Theilen Capture A Dancing Bride And Groom

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Wedding Photographer Nevada
 Edgewood Country Club, Lake Tahoe
Theilen Wedding Photography

Theilen Photography is headed by Matt and Tara Theilen. We are destination wedding photographers who live in the Lake Tahoe area but travel world-wide to photograph people in love. For us, weddings are about people and the moments they share with friends and family on their wedding day. We are inspired by those moments and make authentic photographs that represent the experience of the day and also the personalities of our couples.

Shot at Edgewood Country Club, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. I wanted to use the reflection of the couple in the pool of water with nice sunset light behind them. They hadn’t done their first dance at the reception yet and wanted a little time to practice so I got my lighting set up, put them in place and told them to practice their dance. This made for a more dynamic image than that of them just standing there together.

The high altitude of Lake Tahoe produces very high contrast light most of the day so we generally have about 45 minutes to work around when we get the best sunset light. This often occurs in the middle of the dinner service at weddings so it’s always a challenge to get the couple away from the reception without interrupting the reception. I also had to crawl through willows and stand in a murky pool of water with slippery banks in order to make the image. I think I ripped my shirt for this image!

Nikon D3s
Nikon 24-70mm f2.8
Alien Bee Einstein strobe
Pocket Wizards

Very little post processing. Just basic contrast adjustment.

The image came out much as was expected; however, one thing that was an “accident” was the little ripple in the water which I felt added a little something to the image. The couple loved it!


Wedding Photographer Nevada

The Select Bride’s Thoughts

Beautiful colours, Beautiful framing of the subject and a lovely wedding moment for the bride and groom to cherish forever.

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