Country vs City Weddings: Is One More Photogenic Than The Other?

When it comes to your wedding, you may already have your ideal location in mind but for some, the battle between country or city weddings is one they’re bound to have. Do you want the hustle and bustle of the big city, filled with stunning lights and easy travel for your guests? Or would you prefer a country wedding, with a huge stately home for a venue and rolling hills for miles? Whether you’re venturing into the world of London’s best hotels or you’re looking for a wedding venue Somerset service, we’re taking a look into whether one wedding type is more photogenic than the other.

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The scenery you’ll be given can differ greatly dependent not only on whether you marry in the city or in the country, but the venue you choose too. Country houses often come well equipped with incredible scenery that is truly perfect for a romantic wedding shot, while a hotel in the city could have a city skyline when taken from the higher levels. Of course, this all depends on your personal preferences and interests.

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In general, the quality of the scenery can also differ by day. While professional photographers will have the equipment necessary to capture the perfect photo regardless of the time of day, rolling hills are better photographed during the day. For an afternoon wedding, this is perfect, but for an evening reception, this may not be quite as feasible.

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This is another tricky one to determine – though city venues often come with interesting and unique architecture to choose from, a country wedding could see you marry in a home, a church, a castle, a barn, even a tent!

Countryside weddings often give you the opportunity to decorate and tailor the plentiful space to your design and wishes in particular. If you want a tent pitched up as part of your venue, then chances are you can find a venue that allows one! If you want to land a helicopter as your grand entrance, you can probably do that too.

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Cities, however, aren’t to be overlooked here. Of course, a city wedding often just drums up images of churches, town halls or grand hotels, but cities can cater to pretty much any taste too! Ever fancied getting married in a museum? Look around and it could probably be arranged. How about an aquarium or a zoo? Also possible! There are so many opportunities for your perfect unique wedding day that either choice could be perfect for those memorable photographic moments.

Weddings are naturally photogenic events, and determining the most photogenic appears to be a losing battle! Whether you’re a city fan who’d prefer to marry under the big lights, or a country lover wanting a touch of breathtaking scenery, your photographer will work around you. Which will you choose?


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