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Wedding Photographer Dallas, Texas
Le Mirage Hotel, Sossusvlei dessert, Namibia
Wedding Photographer Darien Chui

As a photographer, I solely shoot weddings and couples. I strive to create unique imagery that strikes a balance between genuine moments and bold artistry.

The Shot

I captured this image during the getting-ready part of the day. While the bride and bridesmaids were running waaaay behind schedule, the groom and groomsmen were already set to go, which is not uncommon. Although people were rushing around, and a little stressed out, the groom remained calm and collected the entire time. And I think this shot represents that well…. Just hanging out, sipping scotch, patiently awaiting to see his beautiful bride.

I was actually the second shooter for this wedding, and was not expecting to take the lead any part of the day. But as the timeline got moved around to accomodate the delays in the bridal suite, I was given the task to lead capture the groom portraits & groomsmen getting ready.

I was shooting with a photographer and studio that I highly admired, so I felt quite nervous taking over such an important part of the day for them. However, I feel like the end results turned out well.

Walking into this room I saw the 3 tall windows and I immediately saw I could use both symmetry and framing in the composition. Then I silhouetted the groom in the middle and the result is this lovely image of him.

Techinical Details

I felt a simple, clean black and white edit suited this shot best.

Wedding Photographer South Africa

Wedding Photography Select’s Thoughts.

A cool, clean and simple shot that fits perfectly with the story. A cool, calm and collected shot of the groom.

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