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We are Andreu and Aleksandra, a couple of wedding photographers in Spain. Based in Barcelona, we document weddings all over Spain and around the world. We love our job, because it gives us an opportunity to learn about the world in the most authentic way, by meeting people and photographing their happiness.

It was one of those weddings, which takes a slide towards the wild side before it even starts. I loved it from the very beginning. Everywhere I looked, there was something I wanted to photograph, so many little stories within the big picture of the wedding day.

Ruben and Montse, the happy couple, are parents of two girls; Mariona (a natural born model) and Blanca (an unusually independent 2 year old, who wondered around and socialised with everybody requiring no supervision whatsoever) There were about 20 kids at this wedding. It was beautifully chaotic!

The ceremony was held in a tiny stone church and wedding guests took over its every available surface. The couple was sated in front of the priest. It was steaming hot, dark and I could hardly move.

I had to quickly adapt a strategy here, because it was obvious that moving around to try out different angles and perspective was out of question.

I found a spot with good visibility and brought three large aperture lenses to be able to change the focal range without having to move much. Then, I put all my money on Montse and Rubens reactions. I already knew, they were very spontaneous, emotional and expressive. I did not have to wait long for the children to get bored and move towards the altar. They were looking for attention and entertainment, and luckily for me, had no shame. In this particular photo, Mariona is trying to attract her parents’ looks and her cousin is trying to get her attention. Naughty but cute!

It was a tricky ceremony. Ther were a lot of guests taking up any available floor space, it was hot and dark and I could hardly move but I capture this shot in the end with perseverance.

The church had no natural light and it was impossible to shoot below 2000 ISO. In this particular image, my goal was to highlight the children and their reactions, so it did not matter that the rest of the photo would be slightly underexposed. I relied on the ambient light that was stronger right by the altar where the kids were seated.

To capture this wedding photo I used a Canon 5D MarkIII, EF35mm f/1,4L USM, 1/125sec at f 2.0 and ISO 2000.

This is pretty much how the photo came out of the camera. At first I looked at this image in color, but eventually decided for the black and white version, to simplify it. I think this way the attention is drawn directly to the kids and their reactions. Who wants to know more, can look deeper and read the context: the groom and the bride kneeling in front of the altar, family crowded behind, old stone stairs and walls of the chapel.

I like this image and I like that it is entirely reportage. It turned out well, even though it was a challenge to photograph, for many technical reasons. This is why it was extremely rewarding when the bride and groom told me afterwards, that they realize it was difficult, but I managed to capture the essence of their family the best way possible. This is what truly maters for me.

Wedding Photographer Spain

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A simple image that captures the mood of having cheeky children at a wedding.

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