Catherine & Guillaume by André Wygledacz

We are both from Belgium but we’ve lived in Geneva for 5 years now. We wanted our friends and family to discover the beauty of where we live. Hence our decision to celebrate our wedding at magical Lac d’Annecy in and old Abbey.

In this picture, well…we asked our closest friends to form a guard of honor as we entered the Church. Gentlemen on the left and ladies on the right. André managed to seize this perfect moment when I arrived, sealing this expression and moment forever. It was just perfect.

André was extremely discreet and melts into the landscape and the crowds. He has the ability to capture the moment and reveal emotions. We never really felt his presence nor that we were being photographed, mostly at the Church. We had a great relationship with him as he managed to boost our confidence in him as a wedding photographer and professional the evening before, even knowing the weather forecast for the big day was terrible.

We had a bit of luck. André lives close to where we got married. Looking at the other weddings he shot, we just fell in love with his style. Mainly the poetry and composition of his pictures and how they all seem to tell a story.

The Church was the most intense part of the day. Or was it the party? 🙂

Bride + Groom : Catherine & Guillaume
Wedding Ceremony : Lac d’Annecy
Wedding Venue : France
Photography by André Wygledacz


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