The Best Wedding Photographers In The World

At WPS, if you didn’t already know we run one of the best wedding photography competitions you can find. Recognised around the world, we receive over 20,000+ images a year.  Each of these images are entered into our ‘Excellence Awards’ competition and judged by a panel of truly amazing wedding photographers.  Only 5% of the images submitted are successful.  This is what we base our Top Wedding Photographer list on.  We don’t make it up, people don’t pay to get their business listed and we don’t favour any photographer over others.  There are so many top wedding photographers lists out there, ours is based on actual results.  These are the WPS best wedding photographers and you can rest assured that they are amazing at what they do and we consider them to be the top wedding photographers in the world too.

We’ve compiled a list of these wedding photographers and a snapshot of some of their fantastic and mind blowing wedding images.  Make sure you come back at the end of the year to check our final ‘Top Wedding Photographers’ list.  You won’t be disappointed and you’ll see even more inspiring wedding photography.

We don’t just give our Excellence Awards away.

1. Cristiano Ostinelli – Italy

Cristiano Ostinelli Studio have worked in the wedding industry for 15 year shooting with a unique and authentic style.  An artistic and photo journalistic approach with a very recognizable style.  Destination wedding photographers based in Lake Como, Italy. Photographer of the year 2013 WPJA & 2014/2015 WPSCRISTIANO CRISTIANO4 CRISTIANO2 CRISTIANO1

2. Foto Dumbrava – Romania

Ana and Daniel shoot together to make FotoDumbrava. They  mainly shoot weddings and baptisms but they like to accept any challenges sent their way. They create something special and beautiful at every wedding whilst also capturing the feelings and mood of each couple.


3. Vïctor Lax – Spain

Drawing from 10 years of experience in photo-journalism, Victor has been documenting weddings for over five years. Lax has a distinctive artistic style that reveals the spontaneous expressions and emotions of the wedding day.vICTORlAX2 vICTORlAX3 vICTORlAX4 vICTORlAX

4. Franck Boutonnet – France

Franck is an award-winning destination wedding photographer specializing in documentary photography. He has won more than 120 international awards over the last 10 years. For his personal projects, like for his weddings, he tries to tell a story with a highly personal vision.Franck3 Franck4 Franck Franck2

5. Fabio Mirulla – Italy

Fabio loves shooting weddings.  He’s been working in the industry since 2005.  He has a strong desire to create something special and unique with every wedding he shoots and he certainly achieves that.

Fabio Fabio2 Fabio3


6. Rino Cordella – Italy

Italian international awarded wedding photographer living in Salento (Puglia). Rino, through his images expresses the emotions of those he photographs, capturing unique moments with the sensitivity of a story-teller.A smile, a glance, a thought, are the story that he builds, with great finesse.

Rino3 Rino4 Rino Rino2

7 Luigi Rota – Italy

Born in Lecco (Italy) in 1973 he began photography when he was fifteen years old, so he has 20 years experience in wedding photography. He works as a fashion and ADV photographer for well known brands and ADV agencies.In 2007 he received the prestigious European title ‘QEP’ and the Italian ‘QIP’. Luigi provides wedding photographic services throughout Italy, and in other international countries. Luigi2 Luigi3 Luigi4 Luigi

8. Alberto Muriel Pina – Spain

Alberto thinks that shooting a wedding is an honour. To be privileged with documenting very a special day.  Wherever you are Alberto wants to tell the story of your wedding.Alberto3 Alberto4 Alberto Alberto2

9. Pedro Cabrera – Spain

Throughout our lives we live unique and unrepeatable moments. Pedro wants you to remember those great moments through pictures. It is his commitment to capture every look, every gesture, every smile and every tear.  This is his gift to those couples who have entrusted their day with him.

Pedro2 Pedro3 Pedro4 Pedro

10. Cromatica Photography – Romania

Irina and Robert live in Bucharest and have been friends since high school. As a couple they are known as Mom and Dad to their son and as Cromatica Photography to their clients, capturing amazing moments and timeless memories.Cromatica2 Cromatica3 Cromatica4 Cromatica

Part 2 coming soon.  In the meantime, click below to see the complete list of the WPS ‘Best Wedding Photographers

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