Best Photography Tips for Honeymoon Couple

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The pictures from the honeymoon might be the last thing in your mind, but you certainly need to remember them and talk about your photographic plans before leaving for your honeymoon. This once in a lifetime trip can be recalled in the years ahead, whether it is in some beautiful island of your honeymoon in Greece or in a snow-capped hill station. And we are confident that you will not cause the best memories of your most precious journey through life to disappear without successfully preserving them forever. In order to make sure your honeymoon photos are just stunning, here are some tips and tricks to create stunning photographs of your trip and make it memorable forever!

Years later, as the images take you back to recall every detail, you will recreate your honeymoon. You see the picture of yourself touring the world with the one you love so that the experience is relieved.

Not everyone takes a travel photographer with them when because the whole point behind honeymooning is spending time alone with your partner, so in a case such as this, you must be skilled to take good pictures to make the trip memorable.

Know your camera

Nothing is worse than to look back at your pictures and to see that you had the incorrect setup or because objects were incorrectly placed, we have all done it. But this is an experience of a lifetime and you cannot risk it! When you want to use your smartphone camera, make sure all camera features have been learned before you go. Take the time to familiarise yourself with your camera and its settings before you visit. Many cell phones are included nowadays with HDR so take your phone’s camera to the limit and render professional shots.  HDR is a setting for 3 images of your frame and chooses the one with the best lighting and shades! Quick, easy and simple!

Once you have a familiarized camera phone, take the time to learn the instructions. You will take better photos by familiarizing yourself and be confident that it works correctly. Make sure that you have new batteries if you are using a camera instead of a smartphone and purchase backup batteries on your ride.

Follow couple travel bloggers

To get a better idea of poses, outfits, framing and camera placement as a couple, you can follow online couple travel bloggers and learn from their social media pages on how to pose and make the best of your trip by recreating what they are doing in their own experiences.

Lock Your Love through a Kiss

It’s one of the most stunning looks you can do if you aren’t scared to publicly express your affection. Whether you’re selecting a park that includes complete crowds or a city full of people, it’s certainly going to break your social media with a ton of attention.

You have to stand amongst the crowd, keep your companion on one hand and hold a bunch of balloons on the other. Kiss your loved one passionately as your cameraman seals in his frame this bold gesture of affection.

Try some gadgets

You don’t have to throw away thousands of dollars in camera equipment to create stunning photos; a handful of gadgets will simplify your life and make great pictures possible when used creatively. You can take challenging photos with a mini tripod or selfie stick and the best part is that they can easily fit inside your suitcase, hence, making them easy to travel. An extra packaging device would be an underwater cover for your cellular phone or your digital camera, a trick or another stabilizer and an image-creating camera lens for your cell phone to make things more interesting!

Give underwater photos a try

One of the new honeymoon phenomena is taking underwater images, and we understand the hype. So don’t hold back as you might not get this one in a lifetime experience back to spend with the love of your life! You can buy a waterproof GoPro or get a waterproof cover for a smartphone or digital camera.

Be Creative

The technique is necessary, but imagination is key. Do not just stick to your shot center. For this reason, split the frame into three parts. Place the horizon line at or above the top 3rd line to highlight the first point or below the bottom 3rd line to take advantage of a perfect sky for horizontal thirds. Place the main subject on the opposite side of the photo in the vertical thirds either of the rights or left a third of the frame. Click the shot and be amazed by your professional photo-taking techniques.

Stop using the same angle or location to take every picture. Spice up images with close-ups or panoramic views or placed somewhat at the end of the image in the distance. Get a different view by going up or lying low. You’ll wait a couple of minutes for your chance to take a great shot–then don’t hesitate to snap away until you get the perfect shot. If you want a dynamic candid picture, don’t hesitate to use the Burst Shot function.

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