Photo Of The Day: A Beautiful Wedding Day Sunset By Donatas Ufo

wedding photographer donatas ufuWedding Photographer Šiauliai, Lithuania
Vyšniu dvaras, Lithuania
Wedding Photographer Donatas Ufo

It was a very busy day and there was a lot of rain, but the bride and groom are wonderful people, they were very warm and so much in love. I am was very happy to meet such a nice couple and to have the privilege to shoot their wedding day.

The party had started in the evening and the bride came to me and said that she wanted to go for a little photo shoot. They both left the guests for half an hour and we went outside to find some perfect spots. It was the golden hour and the light was perfect. Me and videographer saw a nice hill and the nice sky close by, but the grass was wet after heavy rainfall. I asked the bride and groom if they were happy to walk to the hill in through the wet grass, the bride said yes bu the groom didn’t want to. I went to check how wet the grass was and told the groom it wasn’t that wet (of course it was wet) and managed to get him to come . We started the photo shoot and I used my IPhone 7 to get a reflection.

It was difficult to get the focus right at first because it was getting quite dark and my boots were distracting me as they were soaked. I was quite far from the couple and trying to do a silhouette shot with a reflection.

I took this image with a Fujifilm XT2, lens XF23 / 1.4, 1/5000 sec at F 1.4, ISO 200, 23mm using multi metering. I did some little adjustments in Photoshop to get the final image.

I feel really good about this shot and of course the couple loved it to which also makes me feel good.


Wedding Photographer Lithuania


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A beautiful and eye capturing sunset with strong and amazing colours.


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