Photo Of The Day: Beautiful Silhouette Of A Bride By Olivier Fréchard

wedding photographer olivier frechard

Wedding Photographer Strasbourg, France
Château du Hochberg, France
Wedding Photographer Olivier Fréchard

I discovered photography seven years ago after my wife gave me my first SLR camera for my 30th birthday. I started to take pictures of family and friends and after sharing my work on social networks I started to get requests to shoot weddings and other types of photography. I was semi-pro for four years before I decided to leave my job and pursue photography as a full time career.

This photo was taken when the bride was getting ready, she was in front of a window and that’s why I wanted to accent her the against the light and to make her to appear in silhouette only. Just above her was the room light (a bulb very close to the back of her head) that lit up the flowers in her hair. I didn’t have long to take this shot as the bride didn’t stay long underneath the room light, which added the extra element I needed.

I like simple and original images. I often work on the effects of silhouettes because I find that it adds a more poetic atmosphere to the story telling. I thought of this picture as an “old-fashioned” portrait, maybe even as an effigy on a coin. I wanted a composition and a very traditional rendering and at the same time a very modern look and feel.

The image was taken using a Nikon D850 – Nikkor 85mm/1.8G at 1/320s – F2.0 – iso 280, using ambient light. It’s a real moment of photojournalism. There is no posing or intervention on my part. It’s a very stealthy moment that I took qucikly and unnoticed.

Post production was done on Lightroom. I pushed the contrasts to the maximum to accent the backlight and the effect of silhouette + some local touch of exposure on the flowers and the hair.

I am very proud of this image, especially because it is a real moment and a creative process at the same time. The couple also love this original and aesthetic rendering. I totally understand some may find it too much, that its not “natural enough” but my goal here was to create an interesting image from a real moment. I find this image very narrative and symbolic and I am convinced that it can be interpreted in different ways. Some people will love, others will hate, but never indifferent.

Wedding Photographer France


Wedding Photography Select’s Thoughts.

It’s a striking and unusual image that captures the eye. We love the combination of the flat silhoutte with the texture and realism of the flowers.


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