Photo Of The Day: A Beautiful & Creative Wedding Couple Silhouette

Wedding Photographer France
Location : Sicily, Italy.
Wedding Photographer Olivier Fréchard

I discovered photography 9 years ago after my wife gave me my first SLR camera for my 30th birthday. I started to take pictures of family and friends and after sharing my work on social networks I started to get requests to shoot weddings and other types of photography. I was semi-pro for four years before I decided to leave my job and pursue photography as a full time career since 4 fears now.

The Shot

The couple in this photo got married in France and I was the photographer on their wedding day.

But they are from Sicily and told me that they have always dreamed of having wedding photos in their native village.

Also, we decided to take their photo another day so I had to go to Sicily to take it.

We started the session in the small streets around their house in the late afternoon with the sun still very present.

The streets are quite narrow and the buildings tall and tight. The areas of shadows and sunshine allowed me to place the bride and groom so as to obtain this very contrasted rendering.

I must admit that for this image, I took inspiration from the fabulous work of photographers and friends Alison Bounce and Victor Lax who masters at using hard light and they often play in a very intelligent way with the light and the shadows. But, I wanted this picture to be as simple as possible and to have a very graphic and static result, unlike the work of the photographers who inspired me, whose results can often be very colorful or in motion.

I wanted this image to give the feeling that time is suspended, and symbolize this fraction of a second just before a first kiss that seems eternal.

I am a photographer and have a habit of working with a very soft light. I prefer to shoot during golden hours when working with remote flash and with large modifiers. I try to avoid the direct sun.

The biggest difficulty for me for this image was to compose it with the strong sun and the hard light that we had at the time of the shoot. I placed the couple face to face on the corner of a street so that the groom is located in the shade of a building and the bride in full sun. Once everyone is in place, I say, “KISS!” 🙂

Camera  : Sony A7lll
Lens : Sony 135/18 GM
1/1250s / F5.6 / 100ISO

The only technical challenge was to play with the hard light.

I was in aperture priority and fix ISO to 100 and aperture to f5.6.
I used a 135mm prime lens and wanted the couple to be sharp but the wall in the background a little blurry because I knew that I needed a plain and bright background.

I wanted this pictures as simple as possible to have a very graphic and static result, and a treatment which restores a feeling of a ery heavy and hot sun.
So I decided to process it into black and white with big contrasts. I wanted the groom totally in shadows and the bride exposed correctly. I wanted to give the impression that the groom had been drawn.

I am very proud of the result and the bride and groom loved the original image. They are very proud that they got an award (just like me!) 🙂

Wedding Photographer France

Wedding Photography Select’s Thoughts.

Stunning work and an excellent story behind the image.

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